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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Customer Support?

We are available 9-5 MST. If you don't have our contact information, please visit our Contact Us page and send us a message. We will respond to you with 24 hours.

Why should I choose Mogli?

Mogli SMS is the most elegant, easy to use, and cost-effective SMS solution on the Salesforce AppExchange. Take a look at our testimonials and AppExchange for proof.

We don't mess around with hidden fees. ALL of our features are included with any of our packages. That means Unlimited Users, Unlimited Contacts and Unlimited Keywords.

Do the Mogli Plans include messages?

Mogli’s subscription plans (Starter and Standard) include 30,000 or 60,000 US/Canada outbound messages respectively. Inbound messages are included in these plans at no additional charge.

The Elite and Enterprise plans do not include messages but allow you to send/receive as many messages as you like at a very low cost per message (as low as $0.005 per message).

Are messages allotted monthly or annually?

Annually! We know that not all organizations have the same messaging needs every month. So why would we restrict our clients to rigid monthly message allotments? With Mogli, all of your annual messages are available on day one. You choose how to ration them throughout the year. And if you need to buy more or upgrade to the next plan, you can do that at any time.

Do my subscription messages expire or roll over?

If you're on the Mogli Standard plan, all unused messages (allotted and message packs) roll over to the next annual billing cycle as long as you remain on the same plan or higher.

If you're on the Mogli Intro or Starter plans, your allotted messages and message packs must be used by the end of the annual billing cycle. Your account will be replenished each annual billing cycle.

Can I purchase additional messages without upgrading my Mogli subscription package?

Yes! If you're on the Mogli Starter or Standard Plan, after using all of your allotted annual messages, you can purchase additional packs of 1000 messages or upgrade to the next plan.

Can I use an existing phone number?

Yes. In most cases, we can text enable your existing landline phone number (including toll-free numbers) or port your number. There is no additional charge for this service.

Does Mogli support keyword functionality or query codes?

Yes. This is one of our favorite features. Keyword and query code functionality is included with all packages. Based on a keyword being texted to your number, you can auto-respond with a ‘thank you’ message, a survey, self-service information, or anything else you can think of. And if you want to create more dialog, you can easily configure a custom branching conversation that triggers different responses based on your client's replies.

Can I set up automated conversations with Mogli SMS?

Absolutely. Automated conversations are easy to configure and are included with all packages. You don't need to use complicated workflows to create automated conversations. Anyone can do it. With auto-responses, you can build simple or complex bot functionality that allows you to customize interactions with your clients and staff.

Check out this Mogli Minute, and learn how to build an automated conversation for yourself!

What countries does Mogli SMS cover? Can I text internationally?

Yes! We have solutions to allow you to message to ANYWHERE in the world with cellular coverage. We have clients that message in some of the most rural areas in the world. Contact us for details.

Can I send SMS in other languages?

Mogli SMS can send a message in any language using Unicode. However, please note that the use of non-GSM characters may reduce the character limit of a single message, causing your message to be sent over two or more SMS messages.

The following SMPP specifications, not controlled by Mogli SMS:

160 Characters

English Multi-part / Long Message
153 Characters

70 Characters

Unicode Multi-part / Long Message
67 Characters

Does Mogli offer higher volume plans?

Yes. Generally speaking, if you're sending more than 60K message per year, or need more than 10 phone numbers, you'd likely benefit from our Elite or Enterprise plan. These plans include 10+ phone numbers (additional phone numbers can be added), messaging outside of US and Canada, and the option to use Intelligent Routing for bulk sends.

How many characters can my SMS message have?

Generally, a single SMS message can have 160 English characters, which uses GSM characters. However, if a message includes a non-GSM character the character limit will be reduced to 70 characters (67 characters if the message needs to be sent in multiple parts). 

Read More About Message Length

What happens if my message is too long to be sent in a single SMS?

If your message is over the character limit it will be split into multiple messages by the carrier. Messages will show as a single message in Salesforce and for the recipient, however additional message charges may apply.

Does Mogli support shortcodes?

Yes. Please let us know your use case and we can help you with your shortcode needs. We offer dedicated shortcodes, as well as an Intelligent Routing service which can provide bulk texting services at a fraction of the cost of shortcodes.