Video Tutorial | Steps to personalize bulk text messages in Salesforce

The Mogli team prides itself on creating an app that is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy to learn.  We have a series of bite-sized tutorials that teach you critical Mogli SMS and WhatsApp™ functions in just about a minute.

This tutorial is all about using Merge Fields within Salesforce to personalize your mass or bulk text messages. Merge fields, sometimes called personalization tokens, increase a user or recipient's engagement with your content by tailoring your messaging to the particular person, account, location, preference and more.  These merge fields can make mass messaging feel more like a one-to-one interaction by inserting a person's name, company, city, favorite color, product choice or other information into pre-written copy.

Regardless of whether you're considering Mogli or already use Mogli, follow these steps in our Lightning App to insert merge fields into your next bulk text message.

1. In Lightning, navigate first to setup, then object manager, then contact, and, finally, to fields and relationships. Find the API formatted name of the contact, or any other lead merge field you'd like to use in your text message. In the video above, we pull in a custom field called "favorite color."

2. Copy the field name and navigate to the Mogli application settings tab.

3. In contact merge fields, paste your field name, separate each field name by a comma and a space. Press "save."

4. You're now ready to use your merge fields in a text message. Be sure that the merge field is populated on the contact's record. Paste your field name in between double curly brackets, and send your text!

Your SMS or WhatsApp message now contains unique field values that helps your organization speak directly to each individual stakeholder.

Thanks for taking a Mogli Minute!

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