User Guide | How to Send Bulk Messages from a Salesforce® Report

Enjoy the freedom of sending from a report. Send bulk SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp messages to your target audience, pronto! Here's your technical user guide.

(Updated 4/15/2021)

Follow the steps outlined below to get started

            1. In Salesforce, create a report of the records of your intended recipients, such as Contacts or Leads.  Your report name must begin with ‘[Mogli]’ and the first column must be the ID of the record you’re looking to send to.  Be sure your intended recipients have a Mogli Number populated on their records. 

                    ★  Keep in mind that the bulk message will only go out to the first 2,000 rows of the report, which means that the maximum number of recipients is 2,000. Create multiple reports, if needed, based on alphabetical order, date, or any other information that helps you organize your campaigns. 

            2. Name and Save your report.

            3. Click into the Bulk SMS Lightning tab to send from a report.

            4. In the Report lookup field, find your report and select it.  Your recipients' Mogli Numbers will appear in the SMS Recipients field.

            5. Create your SMS, MMS, or WhatsApp message. Enter a manually-typed message with or without merge fields, or choose from an SMS Template or pre-approved WhatsApp Template. You can also include a photo, gif, or document. The following file types are supported: jpeg, gif, png, pdf, mp4.

            6. Select your Gateway.

            7. To send your messages immediately, click Send.  To schedule your messages, enter a date and time of delivery and click Send.

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