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Want to spend less time managing communications with your clients & stakeholders, and more time serving them? Using standard Salesforce automation functionality (Process Builder and Flow) Mogli SMS can do the heavy lifting so you can do more of what matters! 

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Record Triggered SMS 

Confirm or follow up on appointments and events

Confirm or follow up on appointments with Mogli SMS

Reminder and follow up communication is key to driving outcomes for many organizations, and managing these communications can be extremely time consuming. 

Using scheduled automations, Mogli SMS users can:

  • Send confirmation and/or reminder messages at set intervals
  • Cancel appointments via SMS
  • Send experience surveys to volunteers after a shift or event
  • Follow up with event attendees
  • Request service feedback from a client after a service delivery

Based on the responses gathered in these scheduled surveys, Mogli SMS users can automatically update related records or create follow up tasks in Salesforce.

Overcome Language Barriers

Consider language preference when sending automated SMS

Communication is only helpful if it’s understood. Using preferred language fields on Contact or Account records and language-specific SMS templates, Mogli SMS users with diverse client populations can ensure that automated SMS messages are always sent in the preferred language of the recipient.

Overcome language barriers with Mogli SMS

Out of Office Messages

Don’t let your stakeholders wonder where you are. 

Using custom fields and Salesforce Flow, Mogli SMS users can configure Out of Office messages on a user by user basis, triggering an automatic Out of Office message to be sent as a response to any incoming message from a Contact or Lead owned by the out of office user. 

Tailored Notifications 

Extend SMS Notification Management beyond the SMS App

Need to be notified of incoming SMS messages, even when you’re not logged into Salesforce? Using flow, Mogli SMS users can receive notifications of incoming SMS by email, SMS, assigned task, chatter or push notification. 

Notifications can be customized in various ways: send them to record owners, a team of users, or perhaps to users assigned to a particular gateway. You can even allow users to specify which types of notifications they’d like to receive on their User record.

Extend SMS Notification Management beyond the SMS App

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Don’t know how automations could benefit you? Need help configuring them?  

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