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Mogli Clients Find a Path through COVID-19 via Text Messaging on SF

Mogli’s team and apps are uniquely positioned to help people, nonprofit organizations, higher education and K12 schools, and businesses throughout COVID-19 social distancing challenges. We've always been a company rooted in the space, working with nonprofits (NPSP) and education institutions (EDA). Additionally, we operate as an L3C as a true social venture and we've always pledged 1% to live our commitment to the impact and education sectors we serve. So, we hope that this message reaches the organizations that need some inspiration and support during this pandemic to #domoreofwhatmatters.

The nature of our SMS & WhatsApp platform on Salesforce has drawn new clients to us and has enabled existing clients to stay close to their prospects, customers, and students. We are grateful that our solutions are timely, and that we can offer even more value in connecting people during this tumult.

Please contact the Mogli team to see how we can creatively support your communications strategies at this time. Please reach out to learn more.

In the meantime, we'll spread some hope and reduce anxiety and the feeling of isolation by continuously updating this post. Read happy client feedback about how Mogli has seamlessly supported high volumes of critical communication over SMS and WhatsApp. Our Customer Success Team is working remotely with an enduring level commitment, and Mogli clients are experiencing success because of it. This positive impact gives us great satisfaction.

Text messaging can help Salesforce users, and their stakeholders stay engaged and feeling sane. Texting can even help business operations absorb the impact of such a stark and sudden shift into remote working and living. Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help.

 "Like most colleges, we suspended our on campus classes this [due to COVID-19] and moved to online-only to finish this semester. We're working to establish appropriate hotlines/support teams/etc. to help with this. We see Mogli as a really key component, and we're so thankful we established our accounts before now."

Jesse Jones 

Assistant to the Vice President

West Coast Baptist College

"Thanks for checking in! We were able to use Mogli to send out our emergency communication smoothly. Executives are super happy with this solution."


Hao Lu

Database Administrator

Robin Hood Foundation

"Forming a partnership with Mogli during these challenging times has provided us a solution to easily reach out to our teams, community, and supporters.

I back Hao sentiments in his kind words."

John Rodriguez

Director of Technology and Operations at Robin Hood

Robin Hood Foundation

Robin Hood Foundation, Mogli client

"We've only been using Mogli for a few months now, but the timing has been very fortunate given the current situation in the world today. Our Admissions team is working remotely and trying to communicate with anxious families about changes to admission requirements and deadlines, and Mogli has been invaluable. It offers us another communication method besides email when we aren't answering our phones regularly. SMS is helping us connect with families to ease their anxiety during a time which could be very disconnecting."

Kelly Lofgren

Director of Admissions

Illinois Math and Science Academy 

Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA), Mogli client (SMS & WhatsApp for Salesforce)

“Always busy, but always have time for Mogli. We have been backing up our emails with mass texts to keep students informed on Campus Events. It is a good back up since the kids are receiving a ton more emails right now. [...]Because of all the coronavirus, we have sent a bunch of texts out. Mogli worked fantastically. I haven’t noticed any issues.”

Roxanna Shupp

Enrollment Data Manager and CRM Administrator

Cedar Crest College

cedar crest college, client of Mogli: SMS & WhatsApp for Salesforce


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