Upgrading Mogli & March 2020 Salesforce Security Update

What are the Mogli upgrades and will Mogli remain unaffected by Salesforce's March 2020 Security Update?

While Salesforce plans to roll out a universal and automatic security update across all orgs, Mogli is preemptively rolling out our own upgrades. Not only will Mogli continue to run seamlessly during Salesforce’s critical security release, but we also have some new exciting features to boast!

  • Mogli increased our SMS & WhatsApp bulk send limit in this latest version. Mogli can now handle even more massive bulk sends in a much more efficient manner.
  • Mogli also improved the assigned gateway mode functionality, Person Accounts, and other various bug fixes.
Assigned Gateway Mode

Many of our clients request that their Mogli users only be able to send outgoing messages over specific gateways. Mogli’s Assigned Gateway Mode now makes it simple to lock down access.

Person Accounts

Person Accounts are common in higher education and nonprofit use cases. Previous to this release, Salesforce users could only send Mogli messages from regular Account Records. Mogli now fully supports Person Accounts, in addition to all other Standard and Custom Salesforce Objects.

Chatter Notifications

Mogli clients often utilize custom Chatter or push notifications to notify users of an incoming SMS or WhatsApp message. We added this functionality to this new Mogli package, easing any concerns about losing these alerts when upgrading.


Plus, all upgraded Mogli users enjoy the additional functionality and benefits of the Mogli 4.0 release, which included a new bulk send interface, support for all Standard and Custom Salesforce Objects, support for Communities, and WhatsApp functionality! Read all about Mogli 4.0 here.

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