More than a black square. More than a hashtag.

At Mogli, we stand in solidarity with all who are facing and have faced racism, prejudice, fear, violence, abuse, and disrespect.

We stand firm in our belief of equality, equal voice and that our local and federal governments must take action toward lifting the people in this greatest time of need.

We have family, friends, colleagues, peers, clients, and partners who are touched by the change that is happening right now.

Please be safe… we need you here tomorrow and the next day.


We ask elected officials to continue to make a safe space for voice and discourse in our communities.

We ask our fellow technologists to find ways to get your technology, services, and funding into the hands of the organizations and people that can leverage it for extraordinary good.

We are working to do so ourselves, and will shortly announce details of our plan to support racial equality and social justice.


Stevan P. Simich

CEO & Founder