User Guide | Setting up an Auto-Response Text with Process Builder in Salesforce®

 Auto-responders are a great tool for saving time and effort when communicating with clients. As well as lowering your response time and expanding your SMS marketing. Out of the office on vacation? Keep them in the loop without having to manually respond to individual inquiries.

Steps to Implement an Auto-Responder

  1. From Setup, enter Process Builder and select Process Builder.  Click New.
  2. Fill in your information for the new process.  Click Save.Creating a New Process in Process Builder to set up auto-responder
  3. Select the SMS object to start the Process, and start the process when a record is created or edited.View of selecting SMS object to start the Process when a record is created or edited
  4. Add your specific criteria and click Save. Three scenarios are outlined below:
If all users will be out during a certain time, populate your criteria as follows:
      1. Direction = Incoming
      2. Created Date = Greater than Date/Time specified
      3. Created Date = Less than Date/Time specifiedPopulating criteria when all users are out during a certain period.
To trigger the auto-response when an incoming text arrives over a particular Gateway, modify your criteria to include the Gateway as follows:
      1. Gateway = Field Reference or String of particular Gateway IDAltering criteria to include Gateway
To trigger the auto-response for particular users only perform the following actions: 
      1. Create a checkbox on the User object called "Auto Responder" or similar. This option will require a way to identify the related user on the SMS record such as via the Contact Owner field.
      2. Include criteria in your Process Builder for Contact Owner > Auto Responder = True
        criteria in your Process Builder for Contact Owner > Auto Responder = True
    3. In the Immediate Actions section, trigger your text message to be sent out by populating the Field Values as follows and click Save:
    1. Direction = Outgoing
    2. Status = Queued (this tells Mogli to send the message right away)
    3. Gateway = ID of the Gateway to send the message.  This may be referenced from the initial incoming SMS that started the process.
    4. Message = enter a String.  If using a merge field, you must use a Type of Formula and enter your message there.

      Sample away messages:
      1. Thanks for reaching out!  I’m currently unavailable by text but will be returning on MM/DD and will get back to you as soon as possible.  If you need immediate assistance, text or call NAME at 555-555-5555.
      2. Mogli University is closed for the holiday break and will resume business on MM/DD.  We’ll be sure to return your inquiry promptly at that time.  If you need immediate assistance, please email
    5. Phone Number = the Mogli Number of your recipient.
    6. Contact (if applicable) = field reference of Contact on the incoming SMS record
      Creating a record of Contact on incoming SMS with Auto-Responder view
    7. In the upper right corner, click Activate and test.

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