Streamline Salesforce communications by sending messages from a Report

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A better way to manage your campaigns

The ability to send mass or bulk SMS, MMS or WhatsApp™ messages from a Salesforce report reduces the number of steps required in your workflow. Instead of creating multiple campaigns based on report lists to account for various target audiences with a wide variety of changing criteria, send your one-to-many or bulk messages from a report. Reports continuously refresh, providing you with accurate, up-to-date information. Just run your report and bam! A list of your appropriately segmented recipients is ready to go for a Mogli message.

So, you want to know what kinds of reports you could create that would have positive business outcomes when you send an SMS, MMS, or WhatsApp campaign on Salesforce? Here are some ideas. Mogli works heavily with clients in the education, nonprofit, and financial services spaces, so let’s take a few key examples from these industries.

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Re-engage inactive leads or contacts  

Maybe you have hundreds or even thousands of inactive leads or contacts in your Salesforce org because you haven’t been up-selling, cross-selling, and delighting. Perhaps you haven’t pursued any engagement touch points with them recently. It’s even possible you have been actively trying to reach these stakeholders but have been missing the mark because you’re no longer attuned to their preferences. Spin up segmented reports for inactive leads and contacts based on lifecycle stage, previous campaigns, last touch points, or products or areas of interest.  Then, create re-engagement campaigns that are as simple as letting them know you’re still thinking about them, or survey them to update their communication or product preferences. When you send these bulk text or MMS messages, you’re sure to re-spark interest, add to your funnel, stay top of mind, and reduce churn.

Remind students or clients of important deadlines

Students and clients will complete and upload documents and forms whenever they can find time in their busy schedules. Therefore, their FAFSA, loan application, or tax deadline might arrive back to you in Salesforce at 6 AM, 12 PM, or 1 AM. So, instead of checking and re-checking your lists and then updating campaigns to account for constantly-shifting information, the auto-updating reports will only send relevant SMS, MMS, or WhatsApp messages to the appropriate audience. Your report will update throughout the night after you created your campaign and went home, so you’ll only remind the correct students to fill out their FAFSA or update missing fields before the deadline. You can skip manual data entry and toggling, knowing that your message literally gets into the right hands.

Skip embarrassing communications mishaps

Suppose a client’s updated information gets lost in the mix, or they need to explain something to more than one person on your team. In that case, most consumers see this as poor customer service due to a lack of internal communication.  Asking a stakeholder for a form or application they just completed or reminding them about something they just received sends the message that you’re not keeping tabs in a way that reflects how important they are to you.

For example, maybe you just got the final signature on a client contract, and they are officially closed-won, or a donor just donated to your philanthropy campaign. Funnel separate reports into automated follow-ups to let your donors know how much you appreciate them and guarantee that you aren’t sending a message to donors just contributed to your campaign. Let your report do the work for you- spend less time managing lists to do more of what matters. 

Instead of manually updating lists and campaigns for each send, schedule campaigns, or set parameters for SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp message automations, and let the reports do the auto-updating. You’ll funnel and direct leads, prospects, students, and clients with more nuanced business intelligence and less effort. 

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Some praise the 24/7 hustle. Others search for ways to work smarter, not harder. Streamlines digital communications workflows by designing your Mogli implementation within Salesforce to allow even small teams to perform heavy lifts. By sending all kinds of Mogli messages with business intelligence, you'll accelerate timelines, delight stakeholders, and feel assured that the right messages are getting into the right hands at the right time. In turn your team, regardless of industry, is free to do more of what matters.

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