The State of Salesforce Report for the Nonprofit Sector 2020

by Cloud for Good
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Which Way is Up for Nonprofits using Salesforce?

At the end of 2019, Dreamforce got us trailblazers future-focused and jazzed on everything under the Sun we could possibly do to leverage Salesforce. When the excitement settles, we have the behemoth task of prioritizing our CRM dreams. Which implementations will make the most significant impact while remaining accessible to teams with potentially limited resources and funding?

Cloud for Good’s 2019-2020 State of Salesforce in the Nonprofit Sector Report provides an excellent way to cross-examine the seemingly infinite ways to improve your platform usage. Read the report and identify your mission-critical needs. Then, check out the AppExchange’s curated post-Dreamforce 2019 shortlist of must-have apps, organized by industry. Mogli SMS and several of our partners were selected.

Trending: How Nonprofits are Leveraging Salesforce

This report focuses on small to medium-sized NPOs, as C4G has in the past three years seen a 7% decrease in organizations with over 100 employees. The reduction in the workforce means that “organizations are doing more with fewer people resources, but the same infrastructure they had four years ago.” 

To bridge gaps, organizations are increasingly leveraging the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack and making a big push to the Lightning Experience (LEX) to automate sustainable business processes. We optimized Mogli SMS to seamlessly integrate with NPSP, and Mogli is, also, Lighting ready. As a result, we are ready to do more of what matters with you and your team in 2020. 

Moreover, Mogli can help NPOs achieve business automation via customized workflows. Organizations deploy these workflows via various SMS campaigns that populate directly in Salesforce for crystal-clear reporting. Customizations can include auto-creation of contacts and leads, or updating fields to new or existing records in response to inbound texts. Automation for SMS marketing and other campaigns can include bulk-send promotions, announcements, and customer engagement. Plus, you can automatically add constituents to appropriate campaigns based on specific branching surveys.

Here are some common NPSP Mogli SMS use cases:

  • Volunteer registration and scheduling
  • Event registration
  • Appointment or donation reminders
  • Campaign bulk sends for marketing or engagement
  • Surveys for volunteers, attendees, and end-users

Nonprofits are Seeking SMS & Fundraising

As you can see, you can leverage SMS for a variety of different stakeholders that make your team tick. Since text-messages have the ability to connect with people almost anywhere in the world, it becomes a natural channel solution for high open rates and high impact in a range of scenarios. If you operate in a place where WhatsApp is more popular texting, check out Mogli’s WhatsApp functionality in Version 4. In fact, 41% of Salesforce nonprofit users who aren’t already texting are looking to implement SMS in 2020.

However, the paramount goal of nonprofits is to increase fundraising via online giving. MogliPay delivers a frictionless text-to-donate process that organizations can leverage at any time. Now, you can collect donations during live events when fundraiser attendees are feeling inspired to give. Try a demo for yourself now!

SMS is Supercharging Data Collection Apps

While organizations are seeking to increase capital, they’re primarily downloading data collection applications. This trend is due to the fact that organizations need to know the who, what, where, when and why of everyone you interact with, including potential donors. That’s a lot of data and you need a manageable way to gather it. Mogli collaborates with data collection apps like Formstack and FormAssembly. Together, our technological integration neatly fulfills this data collection by reaching constituents via text. 

For example, clients like Big Green have exemplified how SMS engages end-users to compile insightful information, mapping it directly into Salesforce for transparent reporting. These end users can be prospective donors receiving automated SMS marketing campaigns, volunteers or employees scheduling their shifts, or beneficiaries sharing their meaningful stories.

While reporting with Mogli SMS is easy, organizations continue to place an ever-increasing value on privacy and data protection. This security is why it’s important that Mogli SMS is a native Salesforce app, as opposed to an app with an integration. We don’t collect or store your information. You receive the Salesforce data security and privacy protocols at every workflow turn.

Regardless, where you see yourself in the CRM sea of possibilities, reading to the C4G report will help you glean which applications and trends would best serve your goals. You’ll learn which Salesforce AppExchange downloads are popular and why.  Then, browse the post-Dreamforce shortlist of apps to find your perfect matches.


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