5 Tips for Successful SMS & WhatsApp Communication

Text messaging tips

You've downloaded Mogli from the Salesforce AppExchange, you’re ready to start texting your constituents. You’ve got the technology, but how start texting?

We have a resource for U.S. based text messaging regulations, as well as a more in-depth post on how to build a relationship over text messaging, but this will give you a broad stroke overview of what to do before spring for the ultimate conversion over SMS or WhatsApp.

From our experience, we’ve seen successful organizations utilize the following 5 tips before making an ask from their recipients.

Build a relationship

You appreciate your customers. But is the feeling mutual?

Before you begin text messaging with them, make sure they’ll benefit from your correspondence. Build a relationship with them. The very first thing you should do for your customer is to secure opt-in consent, and let them know how to opt-out. By complying with the TCPA guidelines, you’ll be staying within the law, while showing your customer that you respect their boundaries. Opt-in and opt-out is made easy with the Mogli's  opt-out checkbox on each Contact, Lead, or any other Salesforce Object that you might text.

Respect their time zone

If your recipients live in a different time zone, aim to send them messages during their normal business hours. Time zone-based sends are easily be managed using Mogli's scheduling feature, available in both SMS and WhatsApp, with one-to-one conversations and bulk sends.

Use humor

Everyone can appreciate a bit of humor. Be sure to your brand's tone into your communication with your customers. When appropriate, allow your text message copy to be lighthearted and jovial. Consider using emojies, gifs, animations or short videos; Mogli supports MMS in one-to-one conversations, bulk message sends, chatbot conversations or automated surveys!

Be personable

Make sure your customers know they matter to you. Use Merge Fields to personalize your text messages, which is, easy to do in bulk sends or one-on-one conversations with Mogli. Text recipients from the same phone number so that they have consistency, and they can save your organization's number.

Mogli makes using the same phone number simple with the Mogli Default Gateway field, which lets users know the outbound phone number used for Contacts, Leads, or another Salesforce Object. By adding a few personal touches, your customers will feel a deeper connection to your organization.

Add value

Adding value can look like a sale, promotion, loyalty reward or other monetary incentive, but value doesn't stop here. When you deliver messages and content that resonates with your audience, they are more likely to respond to you.  When your organization sends messages that matter, your recipients develop a good impression of your brand.  

Send text messages containing personalized, relevant information pertaining to their experience, relationship, purchases or involvement. Remember – stakeholders who provide mobile numbers are trusting that you’ll provide them with the benefit of convenience and useful information.

What is your call-to-action? What's your ultimate conversion goal?

Work backwards from there to design campaigns that lead your recipients toward that end by offering them golden nuggets along the way.

Make an ask

Only after you implement the above steps should you make an ask.

Organizations that follow the steps listed will have a much better response rate when they make an ask of a customer. Sign up for Z program, donate to Y cause, give us feedback, volunteer at this event, and more are all suitable asks.

On average, text messages have a 98% open rate and a 45% response rate. The Mogli Client Success team sees response rates really heighten when the client-customer relationship has been built, humor is used appropriately, messages are personal, and they add value to the customer.

Want to learn more tips and ways to successfully implement text messaging? 

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