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Professional Services 

Let us do the heavy lifting.

Our Professional Services team builds automations involving SMS + WhatsApp all the time.  In fact, we really love it.  We’re always discovering the cool new things we can do inside of Salesforce.  We’ll work with you to fully understand your requirements so that we can design something clean and efficient, while delivering a seamless user experience to exceed your expectations.

Services included with every plan: 

  • Email/Chat support from the Mogli team
  • Basic configuration of Mogli in up to 2 environments (usually a Sandbox and Production org) on Contact, Lead, and Opportunity (if applicable):
    • Additional objects included in your plan (in addition to Contact, Lead, and Opportunity). 
      • Person Accounts and Accounts count as additional objects.
    • In-app notifications utility on the Lightning-based, unmanaged apps of your choice
    • Gateway configuration
    • Intelligent Routing (if included in your plan)
    • WhatsApp (if included in your plan)
  • A 1-hour recorded Training Session (if included in your plan)
  • Access to our knowledge base, blog, and YouTube channel

Professional Service hours will be consumed for:

  • Installing and configuring Mogli in additional environments
  • Custom notifications, such as email, push notifications, text, or Chatter
  • Custom permissions (outside from the Permission Sets included in our package), such as Sharing Settings, Permission Sets, and Component Visibility)
  • Automations, such as automated texts, surveys, reminders, bulk messages, and creating/updating records
  • Additional support, such as additional Training Sessions, troubleshooting automations not built by the Mogli team, data-cleaning, Data Loading, record migration, and modifying managed or existing workflows.

Pssst...You’re always more than welcome to use our documentation to build your own customizations and automations!

Some of our most common automations: 

  • Inquiry Form Templates which can update fields on an existing Contact or Lead and create a new Contact or Lead with the information provided in Question Responses.
  • Trigger a task, email, or notification to go out to a support representative when a client, customer, or constituent has a poor experience.
  • Automated texts based on updates in Salesforce, such as when a student’s application status changes from applied to admitted, send out a congratulatory text message right away.
  • Automated appointment reminders with a personalized touch 48 hours before the scheduled appointment.
  • Create records with fields populated from Question Responses in a Form.
  • Text to Donate Form Templates which pre-populate web forms with Contact or Lead information so that you can receive donations quickly and seamlessly. 

Inquiry Form automation guidelines:

If you’ve purchased our Inquiry Form automation, here’s a breakdown of the build-out:

  • Includes 4 questions (usually asking for First Name, Last Name, Email, and Opt-In consent)
    • A Contact or Lead will be created or updated with values from the answers provided, populated into 4 Text or Checkbox fields
    • Creating a Lead will also include the mandatory Company field
  • Additional costs apply for: 
    • Objects aside from Contact or Lead
    • Asking more than 4 questions
    • Querying fields besides Mogli Number
    • Populating field types besides Text or Checkbox
    • Migrating to another environment
    • Ensuring that Mogli Numbers are populated on existing records

Have an idea, but don't know where to start?

Reach out anyway!  We’d love to help you discover the possibilities.

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