User Guide | Gateways, SMS Templates, Scheduling 1:1 Text Messages

This article is your knowledge-base covering the following components of sending one-to-one messages in Mogli Conversation View in Salesforce.  Use one-to-one messaging to communicate directly with the person associated with any Mogli-configured Salesforce object!  The possibilities are endless, no matter your industry.  

1. How to select a Gateway (outbound phone number) when conducting one-to-one conversations

2. A high-level overview of how to send an SMS Template (see related resources below for in-depth articles)

3. How to schedule a message from the Mogli Conversation View lightning component

Mogli SMS one-to-one conversation view in Salesforce UI

Selecting a Gateway

Select the drop-down in the field with this icon:  image119 

If the selected value is -Default-, the text will be sent from the phone number as listed within the Default Gateway field on the record.  This option is used to keep consistency for your recipient, ensuring that their messages are delivered over a phone number they recognize.

If there is no value in the Default Gateway field, the message will send from the Global Default Gateway as specified in Application Settings.

Send as an SMS Template

Select a templated message or survey starter from the field with this icon: image154

Scheduling a Message

Enter the date and time your message is to be delivered in the fields with the date  and  time icon icons, hit Enter or click the red arrow.

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