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Itelligent Routing for faster mass messaging in Salesforce

Do you plan to send bulk SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp messages to more than 100 people at a time? Quickly (and economically) reach your entire target audience while keeping costs down and minimizing the likelihood of carrier filtering with Intelligent Routing.  

Why does carrier filtering matter?  Mobile carriers who notice too much activity over a long-code are much more likely to suspect your messages as spam.  If your activity is perceived as spam, your recipients' mobile carriers may prevent your message from being delivered.  Mitigate that risk by spreading your message traffic out over multiple phone numbers with Intelligent Routing!

If you're looking for instructions on how to send bulk messages from a Salesforce report here. >>

Traditionally, organizations choose short codes for quickly contacting a large number of recipients. However, they can be quite expensive. Intelligent Routing is Mogli’s workaround, maximizing efficiency without costly short codes. 

Intelligent Routing disperses bulk text traffic across several phone numbers for significantly faster and more reliable delivery. Mogli does the work for you and chooses the best phone number to send the message, and remembers the number used for each recipient for future use.  Mogli makes this choice based on each recipient's area code, or which phone number the recipient has received messages from before.

Follow the steps below to get started: 

Mogli sms/bulk messaging intelligent routing sends from salesforce UI

  1. Navigate to the Bulk SMS or Bulk SMS Lightning tabs
  2. Attach a Campaign, Report, or manually add recipients from Mogli-supported records
  3. Attach an SMS Template, MMS, or type directly in the Message field
  4. In the Form the dropdown, select “Intelligent Routing”
  5. Click “Send”

Your bulk messages send over multiple long-code, toll-free phone, or short code numbers. Some organizations may prefer long-codes because they seem more personalized, while other organizations prefer simple-to-remember short codes which can withstand larger mass sends. In our Summer-Fall 2020 release package, Mogli successfully tested sends to at least 30,000 recipients. Larger sends will need to be broken up into smaller groups.

Keep in mind that Intelligent Routing may be included with your current pricing plan.  With other plans, it is an entirely optional add-on feature. If you feel more comfortable using short codes, Mogli supports you!

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