User Guide | Managing Mogli SMS Visibility and Access in Salesforce®

This knowledge base article will act as a guide on managing Mogli user access and visibility in Salesforce.  Keep your Conversation View front and center and learn how to assign distinct Mogli permission sets to manage your team members access to SMS and WhatsApp conversations so that you'll always know who said what and when. 

Conversation View Visibility in Lightning 

  1. To add Conversation View to any Lightning page, navigate to your desired record page by selecting the gear icon and clicking Edit Page.View of clicking gear and navigating to edit page
  2. On the left side of the Lightning App Builder, search for and select Mogli Conversation ViewImage of selecting Mogli Conversation View within Lightning App Builder
  3. Drag the Mogli Conversation View component into a location on the page where you’d like it displayed Image of dragging Mogli Conversation View to your preferred location
  4. With the Mogli Conversation View component highlighted, click Add Filter under the Set Component Visibility section on the rightImage of completing the steps to set up visibility
  5. Click the Advanced tab and click Select
  6. Choose Permissions > Custom Permission > Mogli_SMS.Mogli_Conversation_View_Access
  7. Click the Activation button to publish your changes
  8. Assign the new Lightning page layout to Apps, Record Types, and Profiles, or assign it as the Org Default for the object.
  9. Click Save

More on Visibility

Mogli Permission Sets

  • Mogli SMS User: Full Access - The most common way to grant your users access to Mogli, providing basic access to all functionality. 
  • Mogli SMS User: System Admin - Provides access to all basic functionality, plus the under-the-hood tabs, such as Setup MogliSMS, Application Settings, and Async Tasks.
  • Mogli SMS Guest User - The permission set assigned to the SMS Site Profile during initial Mogli configuration.  This must remain unmodified for Mogli functionality.

Conversation View Read-Only Mode

  • Admins can assign granular Mogli permissions to users without assigning them the Mogli SMS User: Full Access permission set.
  • Users with only Read access on the SMS object can scroll through messages in the Conversation View component but won’t be able to send.
  • A handy tooltip at the top of the Conversation View tells users which permissions they need for full Mogli access.
  • On records where the ‘Mogli Opt Out’ checkbox is checked, users can still scroll through conversation history within the Conversation View component.

Providing access to Mogli for Community Users:

  1. Clone our Mogli SMS User:  Full Access permission set and modify the following permissions:
    1. Remove all Assigned Apps
    2. Remove View All on Async Tasks
    3. Remove View All on Application Settings
    4. Remove View All on Gateways
    5. Remove View All on Registered Gateways

      2. Rename the cloned permission set Mogli SMS Community User:  Full Access, and add your Community users to the new permission set.

      3. Change External Sharing Settings by doing one of the following:

  • Change external settings in the sharing menu to Public Read Only for Application Settings, Gateways, and Registered Gateways; and Public Read/Write for Async Tasks
  • OR set up sharing rules on each of the above objects by granting Public Read or Read/Write to a role or group of specific Mogli users

Admin TipIf users aren’t receiving in-app notifications, add Read access to Push Topics on the user’s Profile

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