User Guide | Personalize Chat Colors and Avatar in Conversation View

Mogli makes it easy to personalize avatar, text bubble and text colors for your two-way one-to-one text messages in Salesforce so that control the look and feel of Conversation View. This option to customize your teams' visual representation of conversations creates transparency amongst Mogli users and builds trust by allowing multiple users to text recipients without causing confusion.  These customizations are only visible to your Mogli users - not your end recipients.

This knowledge base article walks you through customizing your Conversation View lightning component.

How to Assign a Mogli Avatar

Mogli SMS one-to-one conversation view in Salesforce UI

By Default, incoming messages will display in Conversation View alongside a bubble containing their initials.  You may replace the initials with an image. The Mogli Avatar URL is a custom field containing a URL of an image to be associated with a recipient within Conversation View.

  1. Right-click your chosen image
  2. Select the following option depending on your browser:
    1. Chrome and Safari - Copy Image Address
    2. Firefox - Copy Image Location
    3. Microsoft Edge - Copy Link
    4. Internet Explorer - Properties > select the URL to the right of the “address” heading and press Ctrl + C
  3. Paste the URL in the Mogli Avatar URL field
  4. Save and refresh the record


Steps to Personalize Bubble and Text Colors

  1. Click the settings icon icon in the upper left corner of Conversation ViewMogli SMS one-to-one conversation view in Salesforce UI
  2. Select yourself as user in the user Filter drop-down menu
  3. Choose your Text and Bubble colors or enter hex codes and Save
Bubble and Text Color Menu in Salesforce UI
 Admin Tip:

 You may configure text and bubble colors on behalf of users in two ways: 

  1. Login as a user and select colors on their behalf
  2. From Setup > Custom Settings > Choose “Manage” next to user Colors.  From here, you can create new bubble and text color relationships for your users.   (Utilize this helpful hex code finder)

Text and bubble colors for Form Templates (automated conversations and surveys) will default to red and grey, denoting that those weren't conversations taking place with a user.

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