User Guide | Transferring Mogli to a New Point of Contact

Changing Roles

Whether you’re a System Admin, Mogli Power User, or Evangelist, it can be a challenge to transfer the Mogli baton.  Use these guidelines to ensure a successful handoff.

How to smoothly transition someone new into supporting your Mogli users: 

  • Let your CSM know ahead of time

Email your Client Success Manager to alert them of the impending change and the effective date before someone new steps into your role.  This helps your CSM best transition in our new contact.  

  • Show our new point of contact around your existing use of Mogli 

Hold some time to show our new point of contact how your users are currently utilizing Mogli.  If your primary use case is bulk sends, show them our bulk send interface.  Automating text messages? Walk them through your Process Builder or Flow.  If 1:1 conversations are your main use case, make sure they know their way around Conversation View.  Utilizing permission sets for your Mogli users?  Show them where those live and who sees what.

  • Introduce your CSM to their new point of contact

An email introduction or quick call may be scheduled with you, your CSM, and our new point of contact.

  • We'll help our new contact get to know Mogli 

The CSM will provide the most up-to-date resources on the version of Mogli you’re running so they have strong foundational context.  A 30-minute recorded ‘refresher’ training session may be offered by your CSM.  We’ll make sure our new point of contact understands all the latest Mogli features and how to harness them.  Additional training sessions will consume professional services hours.

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