Mogli and FormAssembly go virtual for Salesforce Higher Ed

May 28, 2020 | 12 PM MST

Salesforce Higher Ed Summit is going virtual, so Mogli and FormAssembly reimagined their sponsored happy hour into an insightful conversation over your coffee (or tea) break! We are excited to share the magic of SMS and WhatsApp™ text messaging and data collection with the education community.

Mogli and FormAssembly take college and university communications on Salesforce to the next level by making it easier to build forms, collect data, receive payments, and more. Be sure to register for this webinar. You'll have the opportunity to ask your questions and hear our team experts speak to the compatibility and use cases of our apps.

The webinar addresses how higher education institutions can recruit students, capture tuition and donations, and support student success with text messaging and efficient data collection, even amidst social distancing measures and a rapidly changing industry.

All are welcome! Register now.

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Mogli + Form Assembly

Mogli is a native Salesforce application for WhatsApp™ & SMS text messaging communications. With user-friendly, powerful functionality and an all-star Customer Success team, Mogli supports clients in the education sector globally. Mogli offers innovative features including survey functionality, bulk messaging, one-on-one conversations, automation tools, artificial intelligence, text-to-pay, and more.

FormAssembly’s all-in-one web form builder and data collection platform make it effortless for higher education institutions to securely collect the data they need. FormAssembly offers a drag-and-drop form builder, robust integrations, and ironclad security and compliance.

Reimagine your recruiting strategy with Mogli and FormAssembly! 

Download: Recruit Students Anywhere: capture students' data and attention for higher ed recruitment>>

Optimize Recruitment

Mogli: SMS & WhatsApp™ for Higher Ed

If you work in education, Mogli is the ideal solution onSalesforce for communicating with students throughout their entire lifecycle.

Reach students around the world with either SMS or WhatsApp™, whether you work in recruiting, admissions, student success, or alumni and donor relations! Even when students graduate and their emails change, their mobile numbers remain the same.

A few possibilities:

  • Surveys allow you to collect meaningful data for lead capture or student surveys.
  • Chatbot automations enable you to provide prospective, current and graduated students with specific information and guidance.
  • At any time, students or faculty can hop into a one-on-one chat to answer questions or reach out.
  • Push reminders and status updates via bulk sends are valuable in a variety of campaigns, from open house invitations, course registration deadlines, financial aid status alerts, snow day announcements, or alumni party invitations.
  • Build automations that do the heavy lifting for your teams, including analyzing text form responses before handing off students from recruiting to admissions.

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Whats App Mogli for Higher Ed recruiting

A few Mogli higher ed clients