Join Mogli at the Virtual Salesforce Higher Ed Summit 2020

Even though Salesforce's Higher Ed Summit is now virtual, Mogli still has some informative and fun virtual events in the works for you.

We are excited to share how our product has supercharged data collection & communication for staff, prospective, current &  alumni students! Our education solutions are for colleges and universities, as well as K12 schools, stay in the loop.

Mogli Goes Virtual for Higher Ed:

•Reigning Mega Demo Jam Winner competes again! (See Dreamforce-winning demo below.)

•Virtual Breakout Session with Trinity Western University

•Webinar with partners FormAssembly, iATs Payments & Elevation Solutions. Register here.

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Mega Demo Jam Winner

The dynamic Mogli duo, Malorie Leogrande, CSM, and Rob Blatchley, COO, won the 2019 Dreamforce Mega Demo Jam after a long string of wins at Salesforce Dreamin' events throughout the year!

This isn't your typical jam. Check it out!

Virtual Roundtable

April 2020 | Time TBD 

We are teaming up with partners that work seamlessly with Mogli to take your Salesforce implementation to the next level by making it easier for colleges and universities to build forms, collect data, receive payments and more. Salesforce Higher Ed Summit is now virtual, so we're hosting a fun and engaging roundtable! Register to see what we have in store!

All are welcome.

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Mogli SMS & WhatsApp for Higher Ed

If you work in education, Mogli is the ideal solution on Salesforce communicating with students throughout their entire lifecycle.

Reach students around the world with either SMS or WhatsApp, whether you work in recruiting, admissions, student success, or alumni and donor relations! Even when students graduate and their emails change, their mobile numbers remain the same.

A few possibilities:

  • Surveys allow you to collect meaningful data for lead capture or student surveys.
  • Chatbot automations enable you to provide prospective, current, and graduated students with specific information and guidance.
  • At any time, students or faculty can hop into a 1:1 chat to answer questions or open a personalized conversation.
  • Push reminders and status updates via bulk sends are valuable in a variety of campaigns, from open house invitations, course registration deadlines, financial aid status alerts, snow day announcements, or alumni party invitations.
  • Build automations that do the heavy lifting for your teams, including analyzing text form responses before handing off students from recruiting to admissions.
Mogli SMS & WhatsApp Salesforce Flow for Higher Ed


Mogli SMS & WhatsApp Salesforce Flow for Higher Ed Recruiting  & Admissions



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