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Meet Mogli

Mogli Partners collaborate to extend the reach and success of their solutions and services across the Salesforce Ecosystem. Working together, we focus on delivering value for our clients so they can Do More of What Matters.

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Mogli has delighted clients from all over the world in industries including commercial businesses, financial services, military and government, nonprofits, K-12 education, higher education institutions, social venture organizations... and more.

Mogli breaks through communication challenges to reach audiences from prospects, clients, employees, students, donors, and volunteers.

SMS Messaging Is Essential

Now is the time to adopt the most effective and client-preferred modality of communication.

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SMS has a 19% Click-through-rate, compared to 4% emails and 1% Facebook. And 48% of consumers prefer direct contact from brands via SMS text message.

Help your Clients get more out of Salesforce to Maximize their Impact.

Get more out of
Salesforce, and make a bigger impact on the communities you serve.

The Most Trusted Native Salesforce SMS App

Mogli is built natively on Salesforce. When your client leverages Mogli, their data maintains its integrity and privacy inside of their Salesforce instance.

Many SMS apps claim to be native, but instead rely on third-party servers or clunky connectors leading to hidden costs, increased security risks and data integrity complications.

Data-Driven Salesforce Automation

Using clicks, not code, your client can scale and automate complex business processes while eliminating costly manual entries using Salesforce Flows. Enable your clients to extend their impact in their organizations, with the clients, and the communities they serve.

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Together Salesforce and Mogli enable your clients to create effective, custom, and powerful Salesforce automations that will:

  • Update contact records with SMS responses
  • Auto-fulfill orders and send invoices with MogliPay
  • Send automated scheduling and confirmation notices to volunteers at certain times and dates
  • Send prospects down automated SMS marketing journeys to engage and drive interest
  • Automatically inform patients of upcoming appointments or updates

SMS Based Collection

When you partner with Mogli, your clients will be able to access their contact and audience data through the ease of Salesforce dashboards and reporting.

Mogli’s easy to use yet robust functionality will help your clients:

  • Create engaging marketing campaigns to connect with their audience
  • Receive payments and donations through MogliPay
  • Collect survey responses and custom form data

All right inside of Salesforce on the contact record.

Easy Set-Up and Installation

Implementing Mogli SMS is a breeze, and the Mogli team is proud to support clients and partners every step of the way.

Mogli’s U.S. based Client Success team delivers rapid and personalized support.

Elevate with Mogli

At Mogli, we’ve worked with hundreds of partners, all from different sectors of the Salesforce ecosystem.

I’m a Solutions Implementer (SI)

Your clients partner with you as they scale their business, optimize workflows and extend their Salesforce investment. Partner with Mogli to enable your clients to effectively build and strengthen key relationships through the power of SMS messaging.

“I’ve implemented this product for one of my clients and it works like a charm. Set up is easy and simple, plus Rob and his team are always up for help and support over just an email. With the quick response time of the team, as an Implementation Partner, I am always relieved that help is just around the corner.”

I’m an ISV Partner

Boost your app offerings and serve your client’s business needs. When you partner with Mogli, your clients will be delighted by our 5-Star Client Experience Team and award winning developers that have built the best-in-class Salesforce native SMS solution.

“As a fellow ISV, we rely on other ISV partners to fill in the gaps and bring comprehensive solutions to clients. SMS is a feature many of our clients ask for, and we know there is no better solution than Mogli SMS. Rob is a gem, and the Mogli team is friendly, helpful, and highly skilled. Thanks for being our partner!”

We’re a Proud Salesforce AppExchange Partner

We collaborate with Salesforce account team members daily to enhance app offerings, elevate the client experience and accelerate relationship cycles. Let’s work together to help Salesforce customers to Do More of What Matters.

Check out our five-star rating on the AppExchange.



How Our Clients Are Using Mogli

When your clients partner with Mogli, they access various new business solutions to help them attract, delight, and manage their customer or employee base. We have seen this first-hand through the success of hundreds of our clients!


Mogli’s Key Features

Attract New Clients, Volunteers, Recruits, Students, Employees

Driving demand and increasing exposure are top priorities for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Mogli clients leverage SMS and WhatsApp to connect with their target audiences.

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After all, 97% of Americans use a text messaging app daily, and text messages have a 98% open rate and 45% response rate.

Bulk Text Large Groups of Prospects.

Bulk text messages typically receive about 98% open rates compared to email’s average open rate of 18%. Bulk messaging large audiences is an effective tactic our clients use to reach interested prospects. For example, LSU drives attendance and ticket sales to upcoming big sports games or events through bulk message reminders sent to their student base.

Automate SMS Marketing Journeys.

Many of our clients attract new clients through automated SMS drip campaigns. They build journeys of offerings then send them to target audiences like new prospects, cold leads, or upsell current clients. UNICEF did just that by sending an MMS drip campaign to potential donors of the faces of their beneficiaries and what UNICEF delivered.

Text-to-Vote Audiences.

A great way to attract new prospects and engage audiences in large events is to use Mogli’s text-to-vote feature. This could poll the audience or allow attendees to choose what the speaker discusses.




One-to-One Conversations

Nothing beats the personal touch of one-to-one conversations. With Mogli, our clients create a direct line of communication to donors, employees, clients, students, prospects, and volunteers through SMS and WhatsApp.

Imagine a volunteer is on-site at a project and has a question. Simply texting the volunteer staff - as if it were an acquaintance or friend - is easy and provides a great experience. 

A direct line of communication creates a strong sense of value.

Delight Clients

SMS is a new channel to enhance the customer experience with Mogli. Because SMS receives such high open rates, our clients can build stronger relationships with their clients. 

Survey Clients to Drive NPS Results.

According to Salesforce, customer satisfaction is one of the top priorities for marketing and service teams. Net Promoter Score, or ‘NPS,’ measures customer satisfaction and is built by sending clients a simple survey. The answers then feed into a formula for benchmarking to produce a single figure. Our clients use Mogli’s survey features to ask clients questions and build Net Promoter Scores. 

Welcome New Clients through Automated Journeys.

A simple ‘Thank You’ goes a long way. Our clients can deliver just that and help them succeed with their product or service through automated welcome journeys delivered via SMS.

Send More Updates and Offerings through Bulk Texting.

Many companies struggle with reaching clients to deliver updates and offerings. Our clients have found a lot of success and reached their customer base through bulk SMS messaging. Saint Leo University lets students know about virtual and in-person open houses, campus tours, orientation, and other events.



Bulk Messaging

SMS Marketing has quickly become an extremely successful tactic to reach clients.

Not only is it a preferred line of communication by consumers, but it also has some of the highest open and engagement metrics of any marketing channel.

Bulk Messaging can be used to promote events or offerings, send promotional codes, offer customer support, or send feedback surveys.



Multi-Media Services (MMS)

Not only is MMS  a preferred line of communication, but it has proven to boost some of the highest open and engagement metrics of any marketing channel.



MogliPay AKA Text-to-Pay

MogliPay has quickly become our clients’ preferred way to raise funds, collect dues, and invoice clients across nonprofits, education, financial services, e-commerce.

Whether a bulk message or automated marketing journey, our clients simply send a link through SMS that directs the user to payment methods.

Imagine your client finishes a presentation about their non-profit and the room is engaged and motivated to give to the cause. Using MogliPay, your client can ask attendees to take out their phones and text-to-donate!

Since Mogli is native to Salesforce, all of the data is stored in your client’s Salesforce org and is easy to report on. Now SMS has become a new revenue or donation channel!

Manage Teams and Employees

Managing employee health and satisfaction is as important as attracting and delighting clients to build a business. Our clients develop trust and satisfaction with their teams through open lines of communication with Mogli.

One-to-One Conversations with People and Departments.

An environment where employees can access a 1:1 relationship with their employer is crucial for employee mental health and overall well being. Using Mogli, your client can create a direct line of communication to specific people or departments through our one-to-one SMS feature.

Bulk Text Employees Important Updates.

Now more than ever, organizations are focused on ensuring employees are aware and informed of rapidly evolving back-to-office protocols. Mogli clients have relied on the effectiveness and efficiency of SMS messaging by deploying bulk messages to clearly communicate with their employees.

Automatically Onboard New Employees.

Our clients use Mogli to create automated SMS journeys for new employees. This can be a welcome journey or onboard them with educational resources. It’s an effective and easy way to reduce employee ramp time. 





Surveys delivered through SMS or WhatsApp see an average 45% response rate! 

Our clients send surveys to engage audiences, poll clients, and attract prospects. 

The best part is that they’re easy to build! That’s right; the end-user doesn't have to be a Salesforce Admin or Develop to create forms or gather feedback with Mogli Surveys.



Native to Salesforce

As a native app, Mogli allows allows your clients to extend their value of their Salesforce investment. 

Because Mogli is native to the Salesforce platform, your clients will realize a secure and seamless experience with endless possibilities for engagement.




Voting and polling are great engagement tools, but long forms reduce participation. Text-to-Vote realizes higher response rates than any other form of voting or surveying.

Partnering with Mogli

We work with hundreds of clients and partners across diverse industries to deliver the best-in-class SMS & WhatsApp texting solution. Our clients love us because of our innovation, technology, team and the incredible success they experience every day (and we have the five-star reviews on the AppExchange that show it!)

Ready to learn more? Connect with a Mogli Partner Team Member today!