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Transform your communications strategy.

If you're familiar with Salesforce™, you know the importance of using native products. Our native application helps you expand your reach, increase your response rates, and supercharge your communications.

Below you'll find both a three-minute Demo Jam for Education video, as well as a 23-minute tutorial that is full of real-life examples that showcase how Mogli will transform your organization's communication strategy.

All Mogli's SMS and WhatsApp™ features are included in a cost-effective, unlimited-user license.  View all features >>

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See Mogli in action!

Our SMS and WhatsApp™ functionality work elegantly within any Salesforce™ org, Cloud, or Data Architecture. Plus, Mogli's Salesforce Services implement custom designs.

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Multi-Media Messages

A picture (or GIF!) is worth 1,000 words

Send and receive MMS text messages directly in Salesforce™! Entice and engage your constituents with your brand's personality and flare through pictures, GIFs, and videos.

Native App

Seamless for Salesforce

Mogli is built for Salesforce, so it works beautifully with the CRM you know, love, and have spent time building.

Object Auto Creation

Create What You Want

Any Custom or Standard Salesforce object can be automatically created when the receiver texts keywords.

Intelligent Routing

Big Impact on a Budget

Automated routing of SMS traffic to improve throughput for bulk sends allows smaller teams to reach big audiences without buying a shortcode.


Break the Mold, Not the Bank

All features are included in a cost-effective, unlimited-user license.  Unlike our competitors, we give you every feature no matter which plan you choose.

Global Coverage

SMS & WhatsApp Anywhere & Everywhere

Mogli works with many messaging gateways and channels around the world (including WhatsApp) to ensure you get the best price and that your messages reach your intended audience.

Unlimited Contacts

The Sky is the Limit

Send SMS & WhatsApp messages to any or all of your contacts. We don’t limit whom you can send to.

Auto Responses

Engage Even When You're Not There

Anyone can send a keyword text message to Mogli and trigger an auto-response.

Unlimited Users & Keywords

No Matter Which Plan You Choose

Not only are all of our packages fully-featured, but we also pride ourselves on never nickel and diming our clients. We are confident in the value our app delivers to you, and we bank on that.

Auto-Opt Out

Go Where You're Wanted

We'll configure an auto opt-out process for your SMS & WhatsApp recipients. It’s easy!

Easy Reporting

Know the KPIs You Care About

All of your conversations are bundled together for easy reporting and automation.


Never Drop the Ball

Users are notified automatically when a new message arrives.

Dream Team

USA-based Support

Clients rave about our Client Success team. Our app is fantastic, and the people there to support you are incredible, too. Plus, we are based in Colorado, USA, which our clients find helpful and convenient.

Merge Fields

A Solution for Your Use Case

Send customized messages based on any Custom or Standard Object attributes.

Toll-Free Numbers

We've Got What You Need

Bring your own number or we’ll provide either a long code or shortcode number based on your organization's needs.

Historical View

Know Where You Came From

See every incoming and outgoing message.

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