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Using standard Salesforce automation functionality (Process Builder, Flow, and Triggers) allows you to scale efficiently while no messages slip through the cracks.
  • Create custom notifications and next-step triggers like reminders, updates, and transactional messages.
  • Update Contact records and any other Salesforce object.
  • Time drip campaigns or workflows with more nuance and intelligence.
  • Seamlessly transition text message conversations and workflows from one team or department to the next as someone's life cycle stage or needs change.
  • Send out messages based on the recipient's native language.


The Sky is the Limit!

Build custom automations that enhance your SMS and WhatsApp™ communications so that they tie in perfectly with the rest of your work in Salesforce.

  • Escalate a customer service ticket or alert a customer service representative or sales associate.
  • Schedule employee and volunteer shifts with conditional logic for an agent to contact the sender you receive inbound keyword queries.
  • Auto-fulfill orders, and send invoices with MogliPay.
  • Handoff students from recruiting to admissions to student success to alumni relations as they move through the student lifecycle.
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(Higher Ed uses Mogli automations to transition students from department to department, like this recruiting-to-admissions flow.)

Mogli users integrate text messaging with their other communication channels with workflows similar to this SMS to email notification created in Salesforce's Process Builder


Reduce no-shows by automating appointment and event reminders as this Process Builder demonstrates.


Text messaging solutions for Salesforce®

Our SMS and WhatsApp features work natively in Salesforce with Sales Cloud, Services Cloud, EDA, NPSP and other custom data architectures.

Plus, Mogli's Salesforce Service Consultants implement custom designs.

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