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If you're familiar with Salesforce™, you know the importance of using native products. Our native application helps you expand your reach, increase your response rates, and supercharge your communications.

Below you'll find both a three-minute Demo Jam for Education video, as well as a 23-minute tutorial full of real-life examples covering basic but important functionality of Mogli!

All Mogli's SMS and WhatsApp™ features are included in a cost-effective, unlimited-user license.  View all features >>

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Technical Tutorials

The Mogli basics | 23-minute tutorial for SMS & WhatsApp™ text messaging in Salesforce®

Take a tour of Mogli's intuitive text messaging functionality in Salesforce®.  Learn the skills you need to begin leveraging SMS and WhatsApp™ in your org.

Financial Services

Mogli + Match My Email for Wealth Managers on Salesforce Financial Service Cloud

Salesforce Financial Cloud Admin and Wealth Managers will learn exactly how to generate leads and "drive stronger client relationships that last generations."


A musical three-minute product demo for Salesforce® Higher Ed Summit

See how Mogli's reinvention of a traditionally dry product demo has won them the first place Demo Jam trophy at multiple Salesforce conferences, including Dreamforce and Higher Ed Summit.

Mogli in Pardot for the education industry

See Mogli text messaging functionality within Salesforce Pardot for school communications, including remote student recruitment, admissions, and enrollment for education. Schools can apply SMS and WhatsApp™ strategies with students, families, alumni, and staff.

Mogli in Pardot for K-12 family engagement

See Mogli in action inside of Salesforce Pardot for K-12 school districts. Leveraging Pardot's dynamic content and reporting abilities with Mogli's robust text messaging functionality takes elementary and primary school communications to new heights and provides unprecedented insights.

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Our SMS and WhatsApp™ functionality work elegantly within any Salesforce™ org, Cloud, or Data Architecture. Plus, Mogli's Salesforce Services implement custom designs.

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