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Get mind-blowing open and response rates with Mogli SMS & WhatsApp directly in Salesforce.

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Say goodbye to the low open, engagement & conversion rates.

Mogli is a native-Salesforce application for WhatsApp & SMS. Easy to use, robust functionality and a fantastic USA-based Customer Success team have won the loyalty of clients around the world.

Features on SMS & WhatsApp

1:1 Chats
1:1 Chats

Everything in one place: send and receive text messages to and from all of your Custom or Standard Salesforce Objects.


Limitless communication: get the international reach you're looking with all the native Mogli SMS functionality.

Bulk SMS
Bulk SMS

Increase efficiency: automate notifications, lead nurturing, client relationships, and more.


Collect meaningful data: create and launch linear (simple) and branching (complex) SMS surveys.


Capture the moment: leverage real-time voting, and watch with anticipation as your Salesforce dashboard reflects each vote cast!


Be there, even when you're not: automated conversations for lead qualification, customer self-service, and more.

Custom Features

Artificial Intelligence
Teach your tech to work for you: make your SMS & WhatsApp communication Einstein-smart.
Capitalize on immediacy:  Text to securely pledge, donate, and purchase with MogliPay.

Industries We Serve



Mogli makes it easier to do more of what matters.

  • Fundraising
  • Donor engagement
  • International development
  • Impact measurement to volunteer management
  • Fieldwork


Deliver K-12 and Higher Education right to the hands of students and families. 

  • Admission & Enrollment
  • Student Success & Lifecycle
  • Alumni Relations
  • Staff Communications
  • Family Engagement
  • Chats with Parents & Students
  • College Readiness
  • PTA & Fundraising
Financial Services


Be among the mortgage lenders, consulting firms, and other financial institutions improving consumer relations.

  • Automate reminders for upcoming deadlines and appointments
  • Confirm payments
  • Verify transaction and order status 
Military & Government
Real Estate



Sales & Service




Mogli's survey function saves us hours of time because all of that data goes directly into Salesforce!

Director of Post-Secondary Support, Excel Academy Charter Schools

Mogli has enabled us to work quickly and effectively with our parents. Just this past weekend sending texts helped us navigate a last-minute venue change quickly and effectively.

Executive Director, Boston Children's Theater

With Mogli SMS, we saw a better than 50% campaign response rate within minutes. With email, we could expect 1-10% response rates and it could take days to get results. Money well spent!

FKS Insurance

Our organization looked at every SMS app out there, but none came close to Mogli SMS. It’s my favorite Salesforce® app!

Chicago Scholars

We were searching for a native SMS app to allow us to connect with our borrowers on a more intimate basis. Mogli SMS delivered on this and more. Thank you!

V.I.P. Mortgage Inc

As an Implementation Partner, I am always relieved that help is just around the corner. It's a solid product with no downtime for our customers whatsoever.

Stewart Law Group

Great support team! The survey capabilities are also very powerful.

North Star Home
The Mogli team is responsive and helpful whether the issue is on our end or on theirs. Their focus on non-profits is a huge plus. They speak nonprofit-ese!
Ricky, Citizens' Climate Education
Information Technology Director
close up of businessman hand showing texture the world with digital social media network diagram concept Elements of this image furnished by NASA


Text messages per second sent around the world


Open rate for SMS & WhatsApp


Will send & receive texts by 2025


Of households had more than 3 smartphones by 2017

Mogli SMS: Mobile Global Impact


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    Mobile. Global. Impact.

    Within 30 minutes, you could have a fully customizable, elegant, responsive SMS & WhatsApp solution in Salesforce to effectively build and strengthen key relationships, do your job better, and improve the world.

    Get more out of Salesforce, and make a bigger impact on the communities you serve.

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