Text message surveys and forms for feedback and data collection

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Your SMS and WhatsApp campaigns will far outperform any other communication channel.

With a 45% response rate, gathering data from text surveys allows Mogli clients in any industry to get insightful and actionable feedback quickly.

Plus, Mogli surveys easy to build! You don't need to be a Salesforce Admin or Developer to create forms or gather feedback over text messaging.

Use Cases

  • Capabilities for both linear and branching surveys reflect the simplicity or complexity of your line of questioning.
  • Bulk-send surveys as a part of process builder or flow automation allow your Salesforce org to be responsive to the data you receive in a scalable, time-efficient way.
  • Surveys are perfect for data collection during any customer or constituent lifecycle stage in Salesforce. Mogli supports any Standard or Additional Salesforce Object, so you can leverage surveys in any way that supercharges your unique use case.

    • Inbound keyword queries generate leads by gathering contact information and auto-creating Salesforce records.
    • Nurture relationships with prospects by asking qualifying questions and auto-update records based on responses.
    • Gather feedback about each part of your operations, from onboarding to customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT).
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(Plan out your list of questions and possible responses. Take your students or customers down tailored conversation paths.)


Surveys for Salesforce® via text messaging

Our SMS and WhatsApp features work natively in Salesforce with Sales Cloud, Services Cloud, EDA, NPSP and other custom data architectures.

Plus, Mogli's Salesforce Service Consultants implement custom designs.

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