MogliVoice | Send voice messages from Salesforce® to their phones

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Add another reliable communication channel to your text messaging efforts so that you're able to reach your audience even when you don't have their mobile phone number. In conjunction with text messaging, you increase your deliverability and receipt rate.

You may either record and send an audio file of a human voice or have your text read in your chosen language and accent. 

MogliVoice for accessible communications

The pairing of MogliVoice with Mogli's other text messaging features is an ideal way to ensure that your urgent messages are received. Regardless of hearing or sight impairment, or if someone can't read a text message because they're driving, text-to-speech or file-to-speech is the best way to reach your recipients.

MogliVoice text-to-speech messaging in Salesforce Click image to zoom

Popular use cases

Text to speech and file to speech MogliVoice for Salesforce

  • Education: Follow up text messages withMogliVoice messages to ensure your urgent communications are delivered.
  • Nonprofits: connect with and support beneficiaries who might not be able to read your messages.
  • All industries: MogliVoice further ensures that your audience receives urgent or critical communications. It, also, provides accessibility solutions by enabling those who are hard of hearing or unable to see your messages to still receive helpful and important information.

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