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Mogli helps nonprofits and foundations around the world with wide-ranging missions do more of what matters by implementing robust SMS and WhatsApp functionality in Salesforce®.

Our story began by working with Nuru International, a nonprofit on a mission to eradicate extreme poverty among the most vulnerable and marginalized rural farming communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Nuru achieves this mission by transitioning vulnerable farmers from subsistence to business. The organization works to de-risk the investment landscape, increase the quality and quantity of produce, and support emerging local leaders. Two-way text messaging in Salesforce is critical to their communications strategies.

Mogli Works With

Higher Education
K-12 Education
Food Banks
Mental Health
Veterans Services
Theatre and the Arts
Social Entrepreneurship
Environmental Conservation
Early Childhood Development
Legal Services for Refugees
Human Services for the Incarcerated
  • Mogli makes it easy for donors to engage with and donate to your organization with simple text-to-donate (or text-to-pledge!) with MogliPay
  • Enabling donations through text message allows organizations to fundraise regardless of location.
  • Enhance fundraising efforts at events.
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  • Mogli's personalized bulk messaging helps you keep donors in the loop by informing and reminding them of future events. 
  • Also, inform donors of how their donations are being spent and the positive impact their donations are making.
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  • Nurture feedback loops via Mogli SMS or WhatsApp surveys and easy reporting in Salesforce to understand your organization's impact.
  • Know who and how you're helping.
  • Gain clear insight into how to better achieve your mission.
  • Mogli allows you to easily have daily, weekly, or periodic check-ins and touchpoints with stakeholders using bulk or one-to-one text messages.
  • By leveraging any mobile messaging feature, Mogli acts as a complement or replacement for sending out field staff with remote communications for notifications, updates, and M&E (monitoring and evaluation).
  • Educate stakeholders with segmented bulk text message drip campaigns. 
  • Text messaging allows you to collect data that would otherwise be costly or risky in the field.


  • Schedule volunteers using Mogli survey functionality with conditional logic.
  • Engage volunteers to encourage them to sign up for volunteer shifts, then send reminders and updates using a combination of bulk text messaging and conditional logic automation.
  • Finally, turn volunteers into donors with nurture campaigns, using a curated combination of Mogli features.
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  • Mogli is ideal for communicating with key partners who are doing transborder work, as we offer global digital communications that are both one-to-one and one-to-many.
  • Organizations that have a massive global reach cost-effectively move information for impact measurement and M&E programs via SMS and WhatsApp.
  • Disseminate information bulk messaging and receive feedback via text messaging surveys.
  • Track interventions and mobilize resources like staff and volunteers.
  • Manage healthcare, education, and microfinance in disparate places around the world.

Some Nonprofit Clients

MADD no more victims
Proyector Mirador
Robin Hood Foundation

Text Messaging for Nonprofits on Salesforce®

Our SMS and WhatsApp™ features work natively in Salesforce with Sales Cloud, Services Cloud, EDA, NPSP and other custom data architectures.

Plus, Mogli's Salesforce Service Consultants implement custom designs.

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