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Free up your team's time while giving your students and customers instant answers, feedback, and engagement via text message.

Use standard Salesforce automation technology to build out Mogli's intelligent automated chatbot for SMS & WhatsApp.

Ask linear and branching lines of questioning with conditional logic.

Auto-update records with text responses. That information is stored in Salesforce for easy reporting.

Uses For Mogli's Salesforce Chatbot

Use Salesforce Flow or Process Builder to create a Chatbot to ease the workload for almost any team!

  • Free up your customer support and sales representatives with ai powered chatbots.
  • Adhere to consent laws using chatbots to automatically initiate or complete SMS opt-in.
  • Recruit using inbound forms to understand the prospective students' major intent, record GPA, and gather other relevant student information.

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  • Qualify leads in industries like financial services, sales reps and real estate with questions to understand loan size, and credit score.

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  • Capture insurance claims via text by enabling customers to text in pictures of damage, then the chatbot can respond to gather data about claim details, all stored in the appropriate Salesforce record.
  • Reduce administrative burdens in education, nonprofit, healthcare, sports, and entertainment with event and appointment registration, reminders, confirmation and updates or alerts.

Salesforce® Chatbot Text Messaging Solution

Our SMS and WhatsApp features work natively in Salesforce with Sales Cloud, Services Cloud, EDA, NPSP and other custom data architectures.

Plus, Mogli's Salesforce Service Consultants implement custom designs.

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