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Improve your financial institution's end-to-end MME phone mockup2communications strategy and implementation. Mogli's native SMS and WhatsApp™ application on Salesforce gives you a competitive advantage to attract new clients and create customer loyalty.

Emails overload inboxes, so yours likely get buried. While email remains necessary for records, text messaging is the best communication channel for prospects and clients reading and responding to your Mogli text messages. Reach your constituents nationally and internationally with SMS or WhatsApp.

Mogli Works With

Home Insurance Providers
Savings and Loan Associations
Retail Banks
Health Insurance Providers
Portfolio Management
Auto Insurance Providers
Credit Unions
Hedge Funds
Commercial Banks
Private Equity Funds
Investment Banks
Central Banks
lead generation and qualitification

Quickly capture lead information and follow up Chatbot-mockups2-2with qualifying questions to understand and better serve your prospects.

  • Generate leads with inbound keyword queries. Even if a lead doesn't complete an exchange at that very moment, you have the best way to follow up: a text message!
  • Qualify leads with text-based chatbot conversations. Based on the prospect's answers and needs, direct the opportunity to the appropriate department and person.

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automated reminders from mogli on salesforce
Stay top-of-mind, encourage involvement, reduce no-shows and unresponsiveness, and help clients be successful and remain informed.
  • Provide notifications, reminders, and updates of upcoming appointments, payments, renewals, policy changes, new offerings, and resources.
  • Automate communications based on client segments, campaigns, and timelines. 
  • Personalize bulk messages with Salesforce merge fields.
  • Customize internal notifications so the right Salesforce user(s) never miss messages or forget tasks.
  • Escalate tickets or cases so that a customer service representative can attend to the client immediately in a one-on-one Mogli conversation.
automated communications strategy
Use Salesforce automation functionality with Process Builder or Flow to create your financial institution's ideal communications workflows.
  • Move seamlessly between text-messaging (SMS or WhatsApp), email, phone, or any other communication channels integrated with your Salesforce org.
  • Customize internal notifications, reminders, and updates.

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feedback surveys via mogli text messaging on salesforce icon

Does your financial institution have a clear understanding of if you're meeting client expectations? Do you have a focused product development direction based on direct client feedback?

  • Mogli allows you to survey and poll stakeholders with linear or branching questions.
  • Text messaging allows you to collect data that would otherwise be costly or time-consuming on other communication channels
  • Easily report on the data you collect directly in Salesforce.




one-on-one conversations via text message with financial services clients from mogli on salesforce

One-on-one conversations allow you to give your clients what they're seeking: personalized service.

  • Customer service personnel to respond quickly to tickets or cases.
  • Sales representatives and other points of contact can proactively communicate.
  • Check-in with a client after an appointment or when you haven't heard back from them in a while.
  • Congratulate a client on recent loan approval or home purchase.
  • Follow up on a feedback survey to see what you can do to remedy the situation or thank them for the positive sentiments.
  • Mogli Conversation View shows Salesforce users the historical text exchanges with a contact, coded by color and avatar for each user.
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Text Messaging for Financial Services on Salesforce®

Our SMS and WhatsApp features work natively in Salesforce with Sales Cloud, Services Cloud, EDA, NPSP and other custom data architectures.

Plus, Mogli's Salesforce Service Consultants implement custom designs.

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