One-on-one SMS & WhatsApp chats in Salesforce

Personal touches offer great value to your customers, like the moments where you take an extra moment, or the check-in when they feel forgotten. When they need a boost, you're there with an incentive or reward. They feel their opinion matters because you ask them for feedback.

While you can always write an ad-hoc WhatsApp or SMS message, Mogli allows you to have one-on-one conversations in a scalable way!

Here's how Mogli Makes one-on-ones scalable

  • Send or schedule a pre-written template message using merge fields to personalize.
  • Mogli supports all Standard and Custom Salesforce Objects, Communities and Person Accounts, so your text-messaging workflow is efficient.
  • All conversations are readily accessible in Mogli's Conversation View directly within Salesforce, so you never have to dig for someone's SMS or WhatsApp history.
  • Color codes and avatars in Conversation View allow multiple users to text one recipient without confusion, maintaining transparency.
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Popular Uses

Versatility is the name of this one-on-one game.

  • Sales reps can initiate conversations with prospective clients
  • Support can chat directly with customers to resolve tickets.
  • Recruiters, admissions counselors and student success teams can easily engage students.
  • Counselors in healthcare or nonprofits can reach those in need
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Solutions for Salesforce

Our SMS and WhatsApp features work natively in Salesforce with Sales Cloud, Services Cloud, EDA, NPSP and other custom data architectures.

Plus, Mogli's Salesforce Service Consultants implement custom designs.

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