One-to-one SMS & WhatsApp™ conversations in Salesforce®

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Personal touches offer great value to your customers, like the moments where you take an extra moment, or the check-in when they feel forgotten. When they need a boost, you're there with an incentive or reward. They feel their opinion matters because you ask them for feedback.

While you can always write an ad-hoc WhatsApp or SMS message, Mogli allows you to have one-on-one conversations in a scalable way!

Mogli makes one-to-one messaging scalable

  • Send or schedule a pre-written template message using merge fields to personalize.
  • Mogli supports all Standard and Custom Salesforce Objects, Communities and Person Accounts, so your text-messaging workflow is efficient.
  • All conversations are readily accessible in Mogli's Conversation View directly within Salesforce, so you never have to dig for someone's SMS or WhatsApp history.
  • Color codes and avatars in Conversation View allow multiple users to text one recipient without confusion, maintaining transparency.
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Popular use cases

Versatility is the name of this one-on-one game.

  • Financial services: improve client relations with a personalized touch.
  • Sales: representatives can initiate conversations with prospective clients.
  • Service and support: chat directly with customers to resolve tickets based on timelines or priority.
  • Education: Recruiters, admissions counselors, student success teams, and other administrators can easily engage prospective, current and alumni students.
  • Nonprofits and healthcare: reach those in need in a timely manner.

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