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Engage students, prospects, and alumni instantly with our Salesforce-native higher education texting platform.
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Engage Students with SMS for Higher Education

There’s no question that your students live on their phones. To get their attention and communicate with them effectively, you need to meet them there. SMS for schools and higher education helps you stay in touch and increase response rates. With Mogli’s Salesforce-native app, you can go even further: 
Deepen connections with prospects, students, and alumni.
Collect and track important information quickly.
Deliver a more engaging college experience.

With our comprehensive higher education texting platform, you can improve every aspect of the student journey—from your first touchpoint to graduation and beyond.
A university building icon, illustrating how SMS for schools and higher education improves recruitment.

Attract more applicants and hit your enrollment goals with targeted text outreach, surveys, and conversations.

  • Keep the conversation going using one-to-one text message conversations with prospective students.
  • Reach and engage with prospects anywhere in the world with WhatsApp™.
  • Reduce your reliance on paper forms and manual RFIs that result in a heavy administrative burden by using text message forms.
  • Qualify students with intuitive surveys to see if they are a good match for your program(s).
A student ID icon, representing how SMS for universities can boost admissions.

Provide personalized guidance for students throughout the admissions process and beyond their first day at your institution.

  • Create a perfect handoff from recruitment to enrollment with Mogli automations powered by Salesforce.
  • Send deadline reminders to ensure no student slips through the cracks.
  • Share real-time status updates about applications to relieve student anxiety and alert students of decisions in real time.
  • Support incoming students with one-to-one texts that build connections with admissions or guidance counselors.
An icon of a student wearing a graduation cap, illustrating how Mogli’s higher education texting platform engages students.

Deliver a more engaging, personalized college experience by keeping up with students via text.

  • Encourage students to schedule and show up for guidance counselor appointments with automated text message alerts.
  • Help students in need converse one-on-one with counselors for extra support.
  • Mass deliver updates about campus events, registration deadlines, and opportunities.
  • Survey students over text about their experiences to gather valuable feedback.
A graduation cap icon, representing how SMS for schools and higher education helps you engage alumni.

Maintain alumni pride and involvement with personalized text engagement strategies.

  • Never lose touch after student emails are abandoned by gathering contact information with text message forms.
  • Encourage alumni to explore and apply to graduate programs with SMS marketing drip campaigns.
  • Promote alumni events and reunions using automated bulk messaging.
An icon of a phone and an alarm clock, illustrating how Mogli’s SMS app for schools and higher education streamlines staff communication.

Drive staff productivity and cut down on administrative tasks with automated text communication.

  • Allow faculty and staff to quickly communicate amongst themselves with one-to-one texts.
  • Manage faculty and staff with bulk text reminders, updates, and scheduling features.
  • Gather employee feedback easily with hassle-free, automated text surveys.
  • Support semester planning by sending campus alerts and class updates.

Why Use Mogli SMS for Schools and Higher Education?

Mogli is the best higher education texting platform for schools using Salesforce. Access all the features you need to engage students and improve operations—right from your Salesforce org.

Icons of two people, representing Mogli’s ability to send both bulk and one-to-one texts.

Whether you need to send bulk reminders or answer a prospective student’s questions one-on-one, Mogli’s got you covered. Send, track, and see all of your text message conversations directly in Salesforce from Conversation View. Messages are even color-coded to easily identify which staff member sent each text.


A text message conversation icon, showing how Mogli SMS for higher education allows you to send intelligent text surveys.

Create linear or branching text surveys using Salesforce flow automation to gather all the information you need from students, staff, and alumni. Intelligent surveys allow you to automatically send follow-up questions based on recipients’ answers. Plus, all responses are instantly added to your Salesforce records.

A circular icon with a dollar sign in the middle to highlight Mogli’s Salesforce-native SMS app for universities.

Mogli was designed just for Salesforce, meaning it naturally takes advantage of everything Salesforce has to offer your university. Send text messages directly from the Salesforce org you know and love—no need to transfer your data or integrate a brand new system. Seamlessly add texts to your existing processes and keep all of your SMS data in one place.

An icon of a phone to highlight how Mogli’s higher education texting platform includes unlimited users.

Most SMS marketing apps charge by the user, making it difficult to give access to all the staff members and departments that could benefit from leveraging SMS at your institution. All of our plans include unlimited users and contacts so everyone at your university can take advantage of the benefits of SMS for higher education. No need to pay extra for every person who needs access.

A laptop showing the text survey capabilities within Mogli, the top SMS app for universities.

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