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Reach international prospects, students, and alumni. Stay relevant, increase response rates, reduce no-shows. Keep students engaged, and support their success. Stay in touch with alumni and donors, connect staff in Communities, and track all of your efforts! 


Attract applicants to hit your enrollment targets by meeting students where they are: their phones!

  • Jump into one-on-one text message conversations with prospective students.
  • Reach students anywhere in the world with either WhatsApp™ or SMS.
  • Get rid of paper forms and RFIs that result in a heavy administrative burden by using text message forms.
  • Use SMS and WhatsApp to capture and engage with prospects.
  • Qualify students with surveys to see if they are a match for your school.

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Seamlessly usher students to their first day at your school.

  • Create a perfect handoff from Recruiting to Admissions with Mogli automation.
  • Deadline and event reminders ensure no student slips through the cracks.
  • Status updates for financial aid and other applications to reduce emails and phone calls from anxious students.
  • One-to-one texts between admissions or enrollment counselors and students reduce Summer Melt.

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Keep students engaged through their tenure at your school.

  • Automated text message notifications and reminders encourage students to schedule and show up for appointments with counselors.
  • Students converse one-on-one with counselors for extra support.
  • Bulk send updates about events and opportunities.
  • Survey students about campus and academic experience to gather valuable feedback.
  • Tuition and incidental payment with text-to-pay, MogliPay.

Case Study: The Richmond Promise

alumni relations

Don't lose student pride and involvement, even after graduation!

  • Stay in touch post-graduation, after student email is abandoned by gathering contact information with text message forms.
  • Encourage students to explore and apply to graduate programs with text message marketing drip campaigns.
  • Run alumni text-to-donate campaigns with MogliPay.
  • Registration, reminders, and announcements about alumni events and reunions using bulk messaging and automation.
staff communications

Take advantage of the combined lowered costs of Communities and text messaging together!

  •  Allow faculty and staff to communicate amongst themselves with one-on-one texts.
  • Assign community users various permissions
  • Manage faculty and staff with bulk text reminders, updates, and scheduling capabilities.
  • Gather employee feedback surveys.
  • Support semester planning.
  • Send campus alerts and class updates.
Mogli + Salesforce K12 Kit Phone Conversation with Parent-1

Text messaging for K-12

Keep parents in the loop with regular communication, alerts, updates, and reminders. When parents are involved in education, children thrive. Also, easily foster internal staff communications in Communities for things like substitute teacher scheduling.


Involve parents for the best scholastic outcomes.

  • Text announcements and updates about school closures, weather or transportation delays, and events.
  • Encourage parents to facilitate learning at home with tips, reminders, sending educational and reading materials, and activity ideas.
  • Gather feedback on what's working and what can improve in the child's education with text-based surveys.
  • Send texts that provide resources for family support.


conversations with parents

Text messaging provides an easy way to initiate a conversation with the parents of individual children.

  • Let parents know their child is sick and needs to be picked up, even when they can't answer their phone.
  • Alert parents that their child had a discipline issue at school and invite them to schedule a meeting.
  • Teachers and administrators can also keep parents apprised of progress and success in school.
college readiness

Access and success go hand in hand, so allow your students to reach Higher Ed from the phones in their hands.

  • Students text to directly communicate with college access services or support.
  • Guidance or college counselors send updates and reminders about scholarships and deadlines like FAFSA, SAT and other test requirements.
  • Remind students about college representatives and college fairs on campus or in the community.
  • Encourage and allow students to schedule meetings with counselors.

Being a part of the Parent-Teacher Association or Organization is a generous commitment. Use text messaging to make big tasks easier.

  • Communicate with staff and PTA/ PTO members via text with Salesforce Communities
  • Salesforce users can text with anyone in the school network via SMS and WhatsApp
  • Run text-to-donate fundraisers with MogliPay.
  • Manage volunteer signups with automated conditional logic.
  • Send bulk meeting alerts and updates.
  • Gather feedback with surveys.
  • Vote on PTA roles and where to allocate funds with text-to-vote.

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