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Mogli USA text messaging  laws and regulations blog post

Mogli is a Salesforce-native text messaging app. Our solution helps businesses and organizations quickly and efficiently reach their target audience through SMS (Short Messaging Services) and WhatsApp™.

Why SMS?

Simply put, people prefer SMS as a form of communication more than any other channel. 48% of consumers prefer direct contact from brands and companies via SMS text messaging. 

The use cases and instances that you and your team could implement to drive business results and engage interaction are extensive and include:

You can even use SMS to improve your recruiting efforts!

Mogli’s customers widely use SMS for recruiting… here's why:

Reach Potential Talent With Promotional Texts

Recruiting new talent can be difficult, especially when receiving responses from candidates. When companies use Mogli, they are guaranteed higher response rates than email alone.

Candidates open and only read 20% of emails from recruiters, while SMS response rates are 60 to 70%. 

Mogli clients have used SMS for reaching new talent by:

Colorado Christian University recruiters moved their recruitment process away from hand-writing (because of the younger generation’s decrease in hand-writing) to SMS.

Trinity West University hosted a concert series aimed at recruiting students. In between sets, they would use a short code (text “SPARTAN” to 555-555-5555) to engage with large groups of interested students. 

Opt-In Guidelines for Promotional SMS:

  • Text messages are a practical and efficient way to reach prospective candidates.
  • Recruiters must ensure that they have candidates' consent prior to engaging via text messaging.
  • Text Messaging laws control when and how a business can text people and are essential to follow. 
  • Text messaging laws control when and how a business may text individuals and are essential to follow.
  • Be sure that you receive consent or opt-in from everyone receiving text messages from your business.

At Mogli, we recommend the keyword query form (or another data collection methodology) delivered via text message. 

For example, when using SMS for recruiting, you can have a call-out on a webpage that reads: “Text in the word RECRUIT to 555-555-5555 to follow the status of your application.” When someone texts in ‘RECRUIT,’ that person has officially opted in. 

If you wish to learn more, check out our “Ins and Outs of Text Messaging Opt-in and Opt-out Laws in the U.S.” or “User Guide | SMS and WhatsApp™ Consent, Opt-In and Opt-Out” blog posts.

Manage Relationships with Candidates

One of the most significant advantages a company can have when recruiting is how they effectively manage and communicate with their talent pool. 

Interviewing with a company can be daunting for most people because of the various steps. Where and when does the interview take place? Did they receive my application? Am I still being considered?

SMS gives recruiters and candidates a direct line of fast and personal communication. It can speed up the process and make the candidate feel more comfortable and prepared. 

Examples of Managing Candidates

Day of Interview:

Remind candidates of the place, time, and the interviewer’s name. Providing these details will decrease the likelihood of miscommunications and improve interview attendance.

SMS Example: Good morning {Candidate’s Name}. Your interview today is {RECRUITER} at {TIME}. Our offices are located at {ADDRESS}. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Interview Feedback:

Asking candidates for feedback makes the person feel valued and is excellent for company culture. Use SMS surveys to do this at scale!

SMS Example: Hi {Candidates Name}! We’d love to hear how your interview went today. May we ask you some questions about your experience?

Proceeding with the Next Stage:

When managing multiple candidates, it may be difficult to determine which are most interested in moving on to later stages. Recruiters can save time and expedite their hiring process by using SMS.

SMS Example: Good morning {Candidate’s Name}. Thank you for meeting with us today! Let us know if you are still interested in preparing for the next stage in the interview process. Text YES to continue or NO if you are no longer interested.

Close the Deal with SMS

Using SMS to foster relationships between the recruiter and the candidate makes the candidate feel confident, comfortable, and secure. 

Companies can continue to use SMS to go the last mile and bring in the top talent. Some examples include:

  • Delight candidates by connecting them with the hiring manager over SMS for a 1-to-1 conversation
  • Send promotional offerings to top candidates showcasing why they should join the organization or company.
  • Allow candidates to make inquiries about compensation, position, and benefits
  • Connect candidates with referrals or people within the company to ask questions

Recruit More Effectively with Mogli SMS

Recruiting can be an intensely competitive space if your client wants to bring in more students, volunteers, or employees. 

Mogli's clients have seen excellent results using SMS to bring in more applications, foster better relationships with candidates, and close best-in-class talent.

Connect with us to learn more about how your clients can take recruiting to the next with Mogli SMS.