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Meet the Mogli Team

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Gordon Lau

Director of Solution Engineering

Born in Hong Kong, this Canadian settled in Colorado after his career in engineering, business and international development took him to countries in Asia, Europe, and Africa. Prior to joining Mogli, Gordon worked in a Solution Engineering role for a Salesforce App start-up and then as the Director of Information Systems for a market-driven non-profit specializing in custom enterprise applications. He enjoys gardening, gaming, grilling / smoking, and spending time with his wife and cat.

Brandon Billstrand

Director of Solutions Implementation

Solutions engineering leader with a background in consulting and sales engineering, I excel in crafting innovative solutions tailored to clients' needs.  Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, photography, Purdue basketball, and spending time with my family.

Jake Brady

Solution Engineer

Former IT administrator and Accidental Admin. Passionate about using Salesforce to solve complex organizational needs, particularly through a data-driven lens. Skiing and hanging with the dog come first in life.

Delaney Clark

Solution Engineer

Texas native based out of Fort Worth. Passionate about finding solutions that empower end-users. Outside of work she enjoys reading, baking, cooking, and spending time with her husband.