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Mogli URL Icon_RedText messages are a simple, elegant way to quickly and reliably connect with key stakeholders. Confirmations, reminders, collecting small bits of information, and basic conversations are some of the most effective ways to boost engagement in a personal way.

But what about those times when you need to undertake a more complex interaction? The most obvious approach to this is to include a web link within your text message. However inserting traditional web links into your text messages can create challenges. The biggest challenge is the addition of extra characters into your message which will almost certainly cause your message to consume two or more message segments when sent. To learn more about message segments and the role they play in text messaging, check out this Texting 101 blog post about them.

Mogli URL Screenshot 1If you wish to add UTM parameters or any other tracking mechanisms your link may consume even more message segments. If that message is being sent to a large audience that multiplier on consumed messaging segments can add up quickly.

Beyond the increase in message segments long url links can be unsightly inside of what could be otherwise be a brief message. Your long link may also make your recipient think twice before clicking through.

Despite some of these downsides, there is no question that when a link is required there is really no substitute to get your contact pointed to where you need them.

Mogli URL Screenshot 2As the developer of the highest rated A2P (Application to Person) text messaging solution on the Salesforce AppExchange, Mogli is acutely aware of the pain that including links in text messages can create. Using these insights and feedback from our customers pushed us to create a new premium feature, Mogli URL. Mogli URL operates inside of Mogli SMS which enables users to effortlessly create and insert custom short URLs into messages, configure custom domains to ensure brand recognition and SMS carrier compatibility, and provide engagement analytics which includes personalized click tracking.

Like other industry standard link shortening tools, Mogli URL creates web links of reliably consistent length, giving users the ability to more accurately predict message length. This can be particularly useful when preparing bulk campaigns. Mogli URL conveniently works inside of Mogli SMS so once configured links can be shortened without having to leave your message creation window in Salesforce.

In addition, Mogli URL provides the ability to track the click engagement that those links deliver both and the macro and individual level* (*individual link tracking requires Mogli URL Pro).

To learn more about how Mogli URL can add even more impact to your text messaging efforts, take a closer look at it here, or book time with a Mogli solutions expert today.


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