Level-Up Your Institution's Communication Strategy

Team Mogli is thrilled to share (and celebrate) how the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs transformed the way it engages with prospects, inquiries, and applicants by incorporating Mogli SMS into its communication strategy. 

Providing higher education to more than 12,000 students, UCCS, a public research university, is one of four satellite campuses in the larger University of Colorado system. In search of an effective way to send bulk and one-to-one SMS messages to prospects, inquiries, and applicants, UCCS enlisted Mogli and Attain Partners to transform their communication strategy by leveraging the power of text messaging on Salesforce.

Mogli empowers UCCS to automate engagement with prospective students and applicants throughout their admissions journey, providing targeted communications across a broad spectrum of activities, including events and key enrollment dates. Integrating Mogli with event management data allows UCCS to send automated event reminders, directions to venues, and post-event surveys using Mogli branching SMS surveys.

Dive further into the UCCS journey showcased by Salesforce.org here.

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