Mogli's Virtual Higher Ed Summit Demo Jam Video


Mogli wins Higher Ed Summit 2020 demo jam!

Demo jam, demo jam, demo jam, what a mighty good jam

I wanna take 3 minutes to win it on the Demo Jam express

It’s the best texting app  - We call it Mogli SMS.

It’s a one-stop-shop on the AppExchange.  

We got a native, innovative way to step up your game.


Here we go, take a look at our conversation view.  

It’s the one-on-ones that give your organization breakthroughs

It’s the back and the forth, that real personal touch

That our clients all over the globe really love so much.


You can even change the color of the bubbles and the text

So your users know who’s chiming in and don’t have to guess.

Avatar for the user and the Contact or the Lead

Even schedule a message so your weekends can be free.


Using Merge Fields keeps it personalized and powerhouses

Other basic, generic, SMS marketing spends

So you can focus on the stuff on which your business depends.


Let’s keep it moving to the bread and the butter

That makes Mogli an app that’s really like no other

It’s all about the automated surveys and conversations

That makes us different from other SMS applications.


You can build these out in a minute or two

Don’t need to be an admin, developer, or SFDC guru.

Point and click and the 1, 2, 3.

It’s your ticket to ROI ecstasy


Now everyone, here we go. 

We’re gonna really break it down.

We’re gonna show you how Mogli 

Really takes it to the town


It’s the part of the demo that you didn’t expect

Take out your phones and get ready to text.

Pretend you’re a freshman finishing your first year.

And your college wants your feedback and to bend your ear.


So they ask you to text STUDENT to their number.

It’s the last thing you’ll do before you start your summer.

So reach into your pocket and pull out your screen

Text in the word STUDENT to the number that you see right there, everyone


We’re gonna do this right alongside of you.

So please don’t be shy.

We’re gonna watch how Mogli

Really responds in kind.


Demo jam, demo jam, demo jam, what a mighty good jam

Demo jam, demo jam, demo jam, what a mighty good jam


And you’ll see how Mogli’s really hard to outsmart

And here’s the other really cool part

All of your info is stored in a Form

The Object keeps your responses nice and warm.


Then we can take that Form and make a Report ’n’

Further dashboard, we don’t spend the time to sort it.

Just build it out and then refresh.

That’s how we roll with the Mogli SMS.


Thank you so much for playing along.

While we put our SMS stamp on this Salt N’ Pepa song.

Visit us at, everyone

Hopefully this Demo Jam Opportunity is Closed-Won