Mogli's 2022 Education Summit Demo Jam

We’re Comin’ Out, New Mogli Demo Jam, Shakin' Up The Plan

We're thrilled to be the 2022 Education Summit Demo Jam Winners!



We’re on a Salesforce record of someone important, And we wanna stay close, but not be exorbitant  - Come on, we know you probably expected it, Expand your reach - with - Mogli - and TEXT ‘em

Conversation lives right there, Text back and forth without a worry or care, Unlimited Users, Unlimited Contacts, Customize it all -However YOU want it SMS - MMS - Voice Send now or later it’s really your choice, You get an avatar, and the contact does too

Custom bubble colors so you know what came from you, Type in the box - watch the characters count, emoji, GIF, file, sound, pick a number to send a text or a call, When responses roll in, you’ll be on the ball, If someone important hits you up You’ll get a blink and chime from a utility popup

Not only that, We got a feature so phat, You’ll no longer wonder why we got it like that, It’s our Inbox, Just like you’re used to, Everything in one place, No records to comb through, Keep a tab open - see all that matters, Or be notified by push, email, or Chatter

So much you can do with the one on one, But what about when you wanna send to thousands? Numerous ways to relay en masse Via Campaign, Report or send to some Contacts

Type in something unique, or attach a template, Merge a first name, or any other field in a sentence We’ll move on to to the main attraction - the interaction - you can create with a text It’s so simple, it’s sinful, You’ll watch your competition dwindle It’s our surveys - our automated conversations Stay calm, everyone, just stay at your stations

It's our surveys - our automated conversations, Stay calm, everyone, just stay at your stations, Text in the word CLIENT to the number up there-just try it, You're gonna see just what we mean, It'll give you a second to vibe it

I don't know why you're looking at me, You should be texting in STUDENT to the number on the screen, if you choose not to try, put your hands up in the sky and wave 'em side to side while I keep killin' this time

Lyrically, with Mogli, just envision flossing response rate on the cover of Fortune, 5 double O

To those of you who participated just when you thought the excitement faded, Mogli’s gonna give a call just like this:


And now about those surveys you just sent in, right here’s where the data actually lives, and since we’re a native application, reports and dashboards, require no patience, auto-create a contact or a lead and keep your data squeaky clean in time for dinna’

After this 3 minute jam, you think we’re the winner? We’re at the “Mogli - Do More of What Matters” pit-stop 10 years from now we’ll still be on top Yo - I gotta tell you that we won’t stop

TTYL - I’m Mal - that’s Rob

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