Digital communication tips for improved Financial Services client relations on Salesforce ®

Mogli + Match My Email give your financial institution a cohesive text-to-email communications strategy to:

  • Capture, nurture, and qualify leads.
  • Have seamless communication across departments and team members.
  • Improve client relations by giving your clients the personalized attention they seek in an efficient, scalable manner.
  • Gather insightful feedback with linear or branching survey and form functionality.
  • Easily move between text messaging and email with Salesforce automations.

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Mogli for Financial Services

Mogli saves your team time on manual tasks so that you can focus on closing deals, giving sound advice, and developing trust.

  • Lead generation and qualification
  • Automated notifications, reminders and updates
  • Communication workflows
  • Client satisfaction feedback surveys
  • One-to-one conversations

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