5 Reasons Our Clients Think Mogli is the Best Mobile Messaging Solution for Salesforce®

Mogli helps organizations drive growth, uncover lost revenue, and increase conversion rates with the power of business messaging NATIVE to Salesforce. No matter your organization's size, industry, or vertical, Mogli is your trusted partner to supercharge your digital engagement strategy.

You might be asking yourself, why Mogli? In a recent survey, our clients shared how Mogli enhances their communication strategy and generates growth for their business or organization. We've broken down the top 5 reasons they said they loved Mogli in this article.

1. Anyone Can Use Mogli 

You don’t have to be a savvy Salesforce wiz to use Mogli. With our user-friendly interface and seamless Salesforce integration, it's easy for any user to send, receive, and report on current or historical conversations. Survey respondents reported that the Mogli interface makes it feel as if you're texting on your own mobile phone! Most clients find it so intuitive that they only need to hold a short training session before their team sends their first message. However, as a part of our commitment to best-in-class service, Mogli's stellar Client Success team offers a detailed and interactive training session to ensure everyone is up to speed before your launch. Additionally, we support customizations and automation to simplify and improve your daily processes. 

2. Best in Class Customer Success and Services 

Why waste your time with an unresponsive ticketing system or international call centers? 

Mogli is 100% US-based and our Client Success team responds to all inquiries within two business days. Click here to see why 100% of our client reviews on the AppExchange are five-stars!

With team members peppered throughout the US, all clients receive rapid, personalized responses via email or live chat. Because we specialize in both app support and Salesforce implementations, each client has access to multi-certified Salesforce experts who understand how to interpret and execute your unique definition of success. Don’t just take our word for it; take a look at some of what our clients have to say:

“The support team might be the best thing of the app, hands down - super-fast, super-accurate.”

“The support team is incredible!! You all keep us coming back and wanting more. Both Jake and Christine are excellent resources and always so willing to teach us and learn from us.”

3. Bulk Messaging Without Losing Flexibility 

Bulk messaging is undoubtedly the shining star of SMS solutions. Whether it be mass reminders, updates, customer support, or feedback surveys - bulk messaging enables our clients to cast a wider net and connect with a significantly larger audience while maintaining that personal touch with merge fields. Simply send from a campaign, list, or live report. If you plan on sending a bulk SMS, MMS, or WhatsApp message to more than 100 people at once, utilize Intelligent Routing to reach your audience while increasing your protection from carrier filtering.

4. One-to-One Conversations 

Our clients agree: Personal touch points are the key to improving customer relationships, and one-to-one mobile messaging is the leader in open and response rates.  Rather than sending another email to your recipient's cluttered inbox, one-to-one text conversations are much more accessible in today's fast-paced society. While messaging your recipients individually can be time-consuming, Mogli offers highly scalable one-to-one communications. Try scheduling a message for later delivery, or automating the delivery of a pre-written templated message.

"Bulk SMS and workflows are a game changer for our mass communication efforts. We're able to supplement our emails with important reminders, trigger automatic notifications when a prospect takes an action, but also keep in touch on a personal level with 1-1 outreach. It's great!"

5. Text Messaging Directly from Salesforce®

As a Salesforce native application, all Mogli functionality lives directly inside Salesforce, whether on the desktop or within the mobile app.  All information, lists, and reports living in your org are ready to use at your disposal - even when you're on the move.  Our clients can even send and receive texts on any standard or custom object, and even within Salesforce Communities!

Survey Graph Top Reasons Our Clients Choose Mogli 


Expanding our clients' impact on the world is at the core of Mogli’s mission. That is why 93.5% of our clients would refer Mogli to anyone looking to scale and streamline their digital engagement strategy. Our friendly user interface, stellar support, versatile features, and seamless Salesforce integration all enable our clients to do more of what matters - all from one place.  With Mogli, it's not just a text message.

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