Look out Minneapolis, Here comes Mogli!

Here at Mogli we have an exciting week ahead of us. Salesforce Community events are back in full swing, live and in-person! Here’s where you can find us this week.

Midwest Dreamin’

The last time Mogli was at Midwest Dreamin' was in 2019. That was also the last time Midwest Dreamin' took place. We had a good time interacting with the hundreds of attendees, made some new friends and even nurtured some relationships that turned prospects into new clients. But most of all, Malorie and Rob really rocked the Demo Jam and Mogli was crowned the undisputed champion, adding yet another trophy to add to our growing collection.

This year, 2022, will be Midwest Dreamin’s eighth year, which I think makes it one of the longest running Salesforce Community Conferences, if not the longest. Midwest Dreamin’ had its humble beginnings in 2011, when 100 people descended upon the Galt House Hotel in Louisville, KY. In 2014, Midwest Dreamin began a six year run in Illinois, when the conference moved to Chicago’s iconic Navy Pier for three years, followed by three years at the historic Palmer House Hotel. During these six years, attendance grew from 500 to just over 900 people.

While Mogli isn’t competing in Demo Jams, we are still involved with them as we are partnering with the Community Conferences to power their Demo Jam voting using Mogli SMS. After each round of Demo Jams, the audience can vote for their favorite competitor via text message, and the event organizer see in real-time who the leader is and how the competition is shaping up. After the allotted time, voting is shut down and the winner is declared.

WITness Success

This year is a special year for the Mogli and the Salesforce Community. The Community has doubled-down on Minneapolis, with the WITness Success Conference taking place back-to-back with Midwest Dreamin’ in the same location, the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis.  Mogli has doubled-down too by sponsoring both events.

WITness Success got its start in Chicago, with the event taking place just after Midwest Dreamin’ in Chicago in August 2017. While the two events were both in Chicago, WITness Success was held at a different venue from Midwest Dreamin’. WITness Success was started as a way to not only celebrate women in technology, but also to promote women in the Salesforce ecosystem specifically, and to help empower women gain better careers and more equitable pay.

WITness Success has taken a different path to the Community, hosting the event in different locations, rather than staying in one city for many years. This was done very deliberately to give more women the opportunity to attend the event while attempting to keep the travel costs lower. WITness Success has also gone beyond women in the Salesforce ecosystem for their keynote speakers, instead opting for prominent and inspiring women in the field of technology to provide motivation and inspiration to attendees.

Make an Impact with Mogli

Whether you’re attending one or both events, please be sure to visit with Mogli. Instead of gifting you with traditional conference swag, Mogli is gifting you with environmental impact by offsetting your carbon for your travels to and from the event. And by participating in that process, you also get to experience Mogli technology first hand.

See you in Minneapolis!