Identify the ten qualities of the ideal text messaging app for Higher Ed on Salesforce®

If you're seeking a text messaging, SMS, or WhatsApp™ solution for your college or university's Salesforce instance, this is your buyer's bible.

Gather all the information you need to know about how to choose a text messaging application for Salesforce.

We've created a 23-page one-stop-shop that includes what to look for when a college or university is selecting a vendor on AppExchange, and how each administrative department should be able to mold and then leverage the text messaging application to its needs.

Now,  you can skip "buyer's remorse" and make an informed decision in determining what kinds of SMS and WhatsApp™ features can benefit your digital communications and mobile messaging strategy.

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Why Higher Ed on Salesforce is turning to SMS and WhatsApp™ text messaging 

  • Allows colleges and universities to handle quick touch points with large numbers of students without missing the opportunity to collect contact and other information.
  • Expands international reach while keeping costs down.
  • SMS and WhatsApp are the two communications channels with the highest open and response rates.
  • Plus, two-way MMS further captures attention and lifts engagement!
  • With robust Mogli functionality messaging supports every stage of the student lifecycle, as well as departments and internal communications.
  • Enhances other platforms like data collection and email applications.
graduate student texting on phone

1-1 conversations-Mockup-2Mogli for Higher Ed

Reach international prospects, students, alumni and donors while staying relevant, increasing response rates, reducing no-shows, engaging students, and collecting feedback, donations and payments. Best of all, track all of your efforts! 

Mogli is a native Salesforce application for WhatsApp & SMS. With user-friendly, robust functionality and a fantastic USA-based Customer Success team, Mogli has inspired successful outcomes for education institutions and nonprofits all around the world. The application also offers innovative features such as automation tools, artificial intelligence, and text-to-pay options to suit a variety of use cases and needs. Visit Mogli on Appexchange! >>

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