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Trinity Western University + Mogli SMS and WhatsApp in Salesforce case study cover

Trinity Western University in Canada has become a beacon of hope for other universities across North America because of how the institution is navigating COVID-19 with relative ease.

In this in-depth story of Higher Ed administrative strategy, you'll learn about the creative yet practical campaigns TWU implemented in their Salesforce org that helped them swiftly transition into social distancing measures. You'll also discover what the university's team has since built on top of their digital communications foundation, and how text messaging has bolstered all of their efforts for recruitment and retention.

This is not a case study that takes you one-inch deep into a Salesforce use-case. This piece paints a clear picture of the tools and efforts Trinity Western University put into place for summer and fall 2020.

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Why Higher Ed on Salesforce is turning to SMS and WhatsApp™ text messaging 

  • Allow colleges and universities to handle quick touch points with large numbers of students without missing the opportunity to collect contact and other information.
  • Expands international reach while keeping costs down
  • SMS and WhatsApp are the two communications.channels with the highest open and response rates.
  • With robust Mogli functionality messaging supports every stage of the student lifecycle, as well as departments and internal communications.
  • Enhances other platforms like data collection and email applications.

1-1 conversations-Mockup-2Mogli for Higher Ed

Reach international prospects, students, alumni and donors. Stay relevant, increase response rates, reduce no-shows, and collect donations and payments. Keep students engaged, and support their success. Best of all, track all of your efforts! 

Mogli is a native Salesforce application for WhatsApp & SMS. With user-friendly, robust functionality and a fantastic USA-based Customer Success team, Mogli has inspired successful outcomes for education institutions and nonprofits all around the world. The application also offers innovative features such as automation tools, artificial intelligence, and text-to-pay options to suit a variety of use cases and needs. Visit Mogli on Appexchange! >>