How Mogli SMS & WhatsApp™ permissions improve teamwork in Salesforce®

How Mogli SMS & WhatsApp permissions improves teamwork in Salesforce 1

Understanding Mogli permission sets 

Collaboration allows people and organizations to achieve more together. Breaking down silos and making sure no one operates as a Lone Ranger boosts efficiency across your organization, yet, effective collaboration is only possible if your technology supports transparency and open communication. Both for-profit and nonprofit organizations recognize the value of working seamlessly across departments, but we also don’t want too many cooks in the kitchen. 

Nuanced Mogli permission sets allow your team members access to SMS and WhatsApp conversations with various read-and-write capabilities. As of the Summer-Fall 2020 Release, Mogli offers Conversation View “Read-Only” permission, which encourages auditing, oversight, and insight internally within your Salesforce org. Users with only “Read” access on the SMS object can now scroll through historical conversation messages in the Conversation View component, but won’t send outbound messages.

This additional permission set eliminates the time-intensive frustration of checking in with co-workers to gain insight into conversation threads. Switching Salesforce Mogli users to Conversation View “Read-Only” is one of the easiest ways to keep everyone in your organization updated with relevant conversations, regardless of their role. Now, everyone knows who said what, when. 

For example, the SEC demands that all text messaging apps used by financial services firms disable anonymous mobile messaging and allow each organization to keep reportable text message records. This requirement not only ensures that consumers and investors get reliable (and legal) communications but also ensures government officials have access to mobile messaging communications if the need should arise.

Feature_block_Financial_Services_homeMogli helps Financial Services and Sales teams using Salesforce communicate efficiently while improving client relationships.

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Recap | Mogli permission sets

Permission sets in Salesforce are essential; the following permission sets help you unlock or restrict Mogli users’ actions in Salesforce to build efficient and effective SMS and WhatsApp communications.

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Mogli SMS User- System Admin:

Involved in installing and managing Mogli for your Org? Just like the name implies, this permission set provides access to all necessary functionality. It has additional entry and “under-the-hood” Mogli SMS tabs like:

  • Setup MogliSMS
  • Application Settings
  • Async Tasks

Mogli SMS User - Full Access:

This is the most common way to grant your users access to Mogli. This permission includes all basic functionality like sending SMS, MMS, WhatsApp messages. It’s perfect for your everyday Mogli user who is responsible for communicating with your stakeholders.

Mogli SMS User Conversation Read-Only Mode:

Keep users in the loop without assigning them the Full Access permission set. Users with "Read-Only" can still scroll through messages in the Conversation View component, but won’t be able to send messages. A handy tooltip at the top of the Conversation View tells users which permissions they need for full Mogli access.

On records where the ‘Mogli Opt-Out’ checkbox is checked, users can still scroll through conversation history within the Conversation View component.

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