Complimentary Nonprofit text message templates

Nonprofit Template DownloadText messaging in Salesforce® improves organizations’ communications strategies by increasing read and response rates.

Still, your process needs to scale with approved and on-brand messaging, even when you have a lean team. Regardless of whether you have one Salesforce admin at the helm of your on-platform messaging or have multiple Mogli users, templates ensure your organization maintains consistent but personalized messaging that represent your organization’s voice. Templates save your team ample time by making text messaging information (like directions, reminders, FAQs) accessible to every Mogli user on Salesforce; no need to retype each message you send. Robust bulk messaging, surveys and forms, and automation capabilities further enhance how you can leverage templated messages.

Mogli permission sets allow you to chose who can write and edit templated messages, who can send them, and who can read or audit them. Using permissions provides quality control for your brand while your brand benefits from scalable yet personalized communications, and, with templates, your team has the power to make that happen.

Mogli’s text messaging template guide includes templates for:

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Efficient communications with message templates

  • Save time and simplify your workflow by simply selecting approved pre-written text messages.

  • Create automated responses to commonly asked questions by created a database of templated answers that tie into your Salesforce communications sequences.

  • Guarantee that all members' messages align with your value proposition by assigning Mogli user permissions so that some team members can compose templates, while others can send and/or read messages.

  • Jumpstart new Mogli user’s confidence by providing them with successful messaging examples.


Mogli for Nonprofits


Mogli is rooted in the nonprofit space and focuses on helping organizations around the world achieve their mission. Using Mogli’s robust SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp functionality in Salesforce, nonprofits can supercharge their communication channel, allowing them to do more of what matters. 

Mogli is a native Salesforce application that enables your organization to use various communication features, including one-on-one conversations, bulk messaging, MMS, and templates.

Mogli Nonprofit clients use Mogli to:

  • Directly reach volunteers, donors, and staff.

  • Stay relevant, increase response rates, reduce no-shows, and collect donations. Keep your supporters engaged, and accomplish your mission.

  • Stay in touch with volunteers and donors, connect staff in Communities, and track all of your efforts! 

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Mogli is a native Salesforce application for WhatsApp & SMS. With user-friendly, robust functionality, and a fantastic USA-based Customer Success team, Mogli has inspired successful outcomes for education institutions and nonprofits worldwide. The application also offers innovative features such as automation tools, artificial intelligence, and text-to-pay options that suit various use cases and needs. 

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