Salesforce financial services cloud wealth management strategies


Experience an in-depth tour and demo of Mogli's text messaging and Match My Email's capabilities within a typical Financial Service Cloud org. Wealth managers  and admin will learn exactly how to unlock Salesforce's promise to "drive stronger client relationships that last generations.”

Mogli and Match My Email help deliver "concierge-level" service by saving you time on tedious tasks and providing unprecedented insight into digital communications.

The two apps enhance Financial Service Cloud's productivity and engagement benefits, thereby enabling you to focus on asset management and relationship building.

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Mogli + Match My Email for wealth management on Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Mogli text messaging + match my email for salesforce financial services cloud and wealth management

MME phone mockup2Mogli for financial services

  • Expand international reach while keeping costs down.
  • SMS and WhatsApp are the two communications channels with the highest open and response rates.
  • With robust Mogli functionality messaging supports every stage of your client communications.
  • Enhances other platforms like data collection and email applications.

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Mogli is a native Salesforce application for WhatsApp & SMS. With user-friendly, robust functionality and a fantastic USA-based Customer Success team, Mogli has inspired successful outcomes for a wide variety of financial services institutions. The application also offers innovative features such as automation tools, artificial intelligence, and text-to-pay options to suit a variety of use cases and needs. Visit Mogli on Appexchange! >>


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